SimpleCode Explained

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SimpleCode is a very simple set of instructions, also known as SimpleCode Tags, that provide a quick and easy way to format your text in forum posts or online messages.

Below is a quick guide to the most common SimpleCode used on Travellerspoint.

Input (SimpleCode)Output
BOLD: [b]This is sample text[/b] This is sample text
ITALIC: [i]This is sample text[/i] This is sample text
UNDERLINED: [u]This is sample text[/u] This is sample text
LINKS: [url][/url]
LISTS: [list]
[*]List Item
[*]List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
QUOTES: [quote]This is sample text[/quote]
This is sample text
[quote="username"]This is sample text[/quote]
Quoting username
This is sample text
MULTIPLE: [b][i][u]Multiple tags sample[/u][/i][/b] Multiple tags sample

SimpleCode Guidelines

It is important to remember to always surround the text you are formatting by adding the closing tag. This tag is exactly the same as the opening tag but includes a "/" at the beginning of the tag.

If you have used one of the buttons at the top to 'open' a tag (create the tag surrounded by [ ] ), you can close this by clicking on the button again (it will now display a "/" at the beginning) or by clicking on the 'Close Tags' button. Alternatively, you can type the closing tag manually.

Including Images (this applies to blog entries only!)

You can include images in blog entries using the IMG tag. Click on the IMG button at the top of your entry and select the required image from your uploaded photos to insert it in the entry. To insert it in your post in a smaller size, tick the "Use Thumbnail" box before clicking on the Insert button.

You can also link to pictures that you have in other online galleries or on other websites by typing out the link in this format: [img=]. You do not have to close this tag.

Some incorrect SimpleCode usage

[url] [/url] - don't put spaces between the bracketed code and the text you are applying the code to.
[url][url] - the end brackets must include a forward slash (in this case [/url])

If you are unsure about whether you have formatted your text correctly, we recommend using the preview function so that you can see the results of your formatting before submitting them.

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