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Beihai Weizhou Island Piggybar Youth Hostel

Beihai Weizhou Island Piggybar Youth Hostel

Nanwan St. (Next to Sanpo Temple), Weizhou Island, Beihai, 中国 地図 Send to a friend



宿泊施設 中国 Beihai Beihai Weizhou Island Piggybar Youth Hostel

Beihai Weizhou Island Piggybar Youth Hostel

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Boarding Service-Don't worry! Piggy Bar is a youth hostel, our guest always have sweet dreams

Well, much more information is accessed on the internet Ticket Reservation

Buying tickets always takes time, please leave it to us Catering services

Food is always regarded as people's prime want, and we've known it for thousand years Diving Tour

You could rent all diving equipments from us. Less than market price . Internet Service

We can't live without her. 2 RMB per hou Bicycle Rent

It is always the cheapest yet most expedite transportation tool. Deposit 100 RMB for one bicycle Rent rate 20RMB per day . Self-help Kitchen Supply

You could try doing some dishes if you'd like to Self-help Laundry Supply

10 RMB per bucket Well, it is hard to tell the price . if you find someone to wash the laundry Shipboard Meet & Send Service

It needs to be spoken 24 hours in advance. Ship Meet, for free Ship Send, 5 RMB per car IDD Long Distance Service

I'll waste no time to explain because the charge is obviously . calculated in the computer Domestic long-distance 0.3 RMB/Min Merchandise Retail Service_Food, drinks and some daily necessities are in the most categories. A little higher than the market price Souvenir Retail Service

Very exotic and memorizing, and they could be tailored as you like. Less than the market price Posting Service

We would like to send the ordinary mail, postcard, greeting card for you for free. CD Burning Service

The counterparts are available in 10 minutes. Data Disk, 30 RMB for one Compact Disk, 15 RMB for one Copy Service

For some limitation, we could only supply black and white copies in A4 page. 1 RMB per page Luggage Storage Services

Anything and any size could be stored for free Fax Service

Whatever to incept or deliver, 3 RMB per page (communication signal forextra money Reading Service

Here are plenty of original edition books and fashion magazines for free. Cinema Supply

You may come across the premiere of some hitting movie of Hollywood here 10 RMB for one ticket except the one played at 20:00 (for free)



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  • Towels for Hire


  • Card Phones
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  • Bicycle Parking