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Sun Rise Hotel

Our hotel is located in Amman in the Abdali district, close to the Tarbarbour bus station. We have single, double, triple and dorm style rooms. All our rooms have attached bathrooms.

Hot and cold water, central heating, and satellite TV are all available.

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  • 's Nachts Toegankelijk
  • 24 uur receptie
  • Air Conditioning
  • Car Parking
  • Free city tour
  • Internet / Wi-Fi
  • Lounge area
  • Restaurant
  • Safety deposit
  • Self-catering Facilities
  • Tours/Travel Desk
  • Washing machines


  • free_linen – GRATIS
  • free_luggageroom – GRATIS
  • free_towel – GRATIS
  • Vliegveld Afhaalservice – 15.00JOD


Over Sun Rise Hotel

Our hotel is located in Amman at Abdali station. We have single, double, triple and dorm style rooms. All our rooms have attached bathrooms. Hot and cold water, central heating, and satellite TV are all available.

Our hotel is located in Amman in the Abdali district, close to the Tarbarbour bus station. We have single, double, triple and dorm style rooms. All our rooms have attached bathrooms.

Hot and cold water, central heating, and satellite TV are all available. We offer you clean and comfortable accommodation at affordable rates. Relax on our roof top and enjoy the magnificent views!

Our staff are ready to help you and give you all the travel information and directions you may need during your stay here! Our hotel tour organisers office is one of the most professional in Jordan, with the experts in this field organising tours to the most interesting sites in Jordan for more than 21 years.

We look forward to having you stay here..



It is our pleasure to presents to you our special offer through our professional experts in the field of tours organizing in Jordan with the experience of more than 25 years in preparing and organizing trips around Jordan putting in our minds that the formal roads which the others took to make these trips is completely deferent of ours which make your trip some thing special.


This road is a special one to start discovering the north of Jordan we do it just like the king's high way..

We start our trip from Amman around 8:00 am a head to jerash the roman first thumb in our program it will took us 45 minutes from Amman to reach there you will spend between one hour or tow after that we visit ajloun castle and enjoy it's wonderful Islamic decorations above the hills from there you can see Jordan river and also you can see Palestine as well

After spending half an hour there to Bella to fix out a lot of churches with a magnificent decorations show the roman historical thumbs then to the hills of umm qais the napatean historical site..

And here is a very interesting surprise you will be standing in Jordan and at the same time watching the a another tow borders in front of your eyes the Syrian & the Israeli boarders which perform a unique experience as well you are a few steps from al jolan Syrian hills

Also you will see the lake of tab aria in Israel from that point we usually took a special road after visiting the Syrian hemma (hot spring water) in our accompany with al-yurmook river which also run into the Jordan river and the road also beside the Israeli border ..

We will be back to Amman in another road and make it just like a circle not the same one

Wait for the surprises ..


There used to be around ten castles but after the earthquake happened in Jordan fife of these castles only is still standing over there our trip will as usual start around 8:00 am from amman




-amra palace

-al-azraq palace ( Lawrence of Arabia palace )

the visitors will enjoy visiting these castles in the desert also because of again gathering three borders ( Jordan-Saudi Arabia- Iraq )

it is save and quiet ..

back to Amman by the end of the day..



There is three deferent ways to do this trip

- the desert road

- wadi araba closed to the Israeli borders

- the middle road which is well known as the king's high way


There is a lot of companies and travel agents organize this trip in one day and that’s it our company prepare for this trip and make it in tow stages ..

First day from Amman to madaba to see the mosaics and visit the churches specially saint George church which hold a map for more than 1500 years old perform the middle east ,then to mount Nebo and if the whether is good you will be able to see Jerusalem and Jericho and the dead sea then we will go down to visit the baptism

Then to the dead sea to enjoy the salty water and the mud mask ..


Start from Amman to finish the king's high way to madaba without stopping there stop in mekawer to visit( Salome altar)where she cheated Johanna ..

From there to umm al rassas then to wadi al mujib which is also called the Jordanian canyon

This is a magnificent place to enjoy the most interesting natural views a lot of lakes and hot water falls and hills for hiking it is a unique opportunity for camping and hiking..

The length of this valley is about 35 km ..

Then we will go up to visit kerak castle to get some rest and may be take lunch according to the visitors desires ..

Then to wadi al hissa to see another small canyon then we will leave through taffela city to rest at Danna which is more than 1700 meter height and it is full of deferent kinds of wild life creatures and planets and flowers and butterflies and the most wonderful unique flower is the black iris then wait for the most interesting surprise the sun set.

All the other trips organizers didn't interested in seeing the sun set there although it is the really wonderful when you watch the sun going down in a vertical angel at that time you will listen to the voice of silence around you which could not be seen anywhere in the world and at this moment you will see the earth rounding in front of your eyes …

Then we will go down to visit al shouback castle and at the end of that day we will reach wadi mussa to sleep there


Visiting Petra depends on the visitor's time

You can do it within fife hours or you can spend tow days there but in general one day is more than enough to visit the city..

By the end of the day we will drive to wadi rum..


You will sleep in the open desert in the Bedouin tenets and here it is another magnificent experience you will enjoy it very much..

The next day will be including tow more choices for you can try ridding a camel following the steps of Lawrence of Arabia or to do it with the four wheel cars

To discover the desert and it's magic

We start with the monsters hills and also we do organize special trips only for hiking

Then we will continuo to the red sea to settle in aqaba..


It is only 40 km from wadi rum to reach aqaba again it depends on your time and interesting

You can only spend tow hours for visiting the city and make some kind of shopping

Or you can start preparing your self to go through another adventure inside the wonderful water which called the heaven of divers in aqaba to discover the magnificent sea creatures of the red sea and spend the night there

Then as usual we will go back to Amman through our circle road through wadi araba to see the end of wadi al mujib and enjoy the nice views of it from the bottom and see the water running into the Dead Sea

Then back to the airport direct or to Amman as you like it..


Our company offer to the visitors tow hours to visit Amman, the roman theatre and the ceta dell and king Abdullah mosque for tow hours for free...

After a long discussions between our company experts and partners we came to a final decision which we try our best to make it available to every one outing in mind the differences between people so to make your dreams come true it is our pleasure and step back home save and happy make us keep promising you to do the job as it is only drawn by your own hands

it is not a matter for us if you are just interested in one day or tow days or a selection trips of our own we will do it just like what you are thinking about it take your time and make your choice we are ready to enjoy it with you ..

our employees are ready also to give you any kind of information that you may need not only about Jordan but also via our daily connection with our partners in Syria and Lebanon and of course Egypt a full information board is ready to be at you service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.


1-airport picks up and drops off

2-car rent 24 hrs services

3-therapeutic tours

4-hotels reservations

5-medical care 24 hrs

6-scientific trips for schools & universities students

7-religious tours

Our company is completely insured and our drivers are more than experts their pleasure is to do their best to make your vocation with us comfortable amazing and safe

Try us we will send you back home with the most unforgettable memories in your life.


Abdali station is 100 metres from the airport bus and 10 minutes walking will get you to Amman down town from our hotel. You can easily get a taxi to Syria and Lebanon and also to Egypt and Saudi Arabia and to all of Jordan provinces.



king hussein street abdali sta

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