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Budget Travel Tips for London

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"First Thursdays" (held on the first thursday of the month) is run by The Gallery and it's when all the galleries in the East End of London stay open late (usually with free beer). For July and August, Jameson's Whiskey have a pop up bar at Whitechapel Gallery.
The V&A "Friday Lates" are super fun too as they have special events running from 18.30 to 22.00 e.g. Live performances, cutting-edge fashion, debates, one-off displays and installations, special guests, bar and food, guest DJs, and late-night exhibition openings. There's lots of fun to be had at the galleries of London!

Submitted by Oz_Travelette

In London it is cheaper to travel on the buses rather than the Tube, and if you get the front seat of a double decker bus you get to see where you are going, and way better value than the Tour Buses!!

Submitted by aboo10

I think to save money it is better to visit London in a Group.

Submitted by Badsha2

Try Travelodge hotels...there are many of them all over London and while not as cheap as in other areas of the UK, they are still reasonably priced with a good range of rooms and clean!

Submitted by lelle_belle

Ah I have a good one get a "Bus Pass" for 7 days or monthly and you can catch as many buses as you want anywhere in london including night services. It's soo much cheaper than the tube and not as hot and crowded!

Submitted by travelnetwork

Go to Sign up then click on "Choose Your City". Enter "London" and you'll find lots of special deals. For instance Show Tickets for 23 Pounds instead of 49 Pounds or 69% off a hotel stay with dinner and breakfast. I have taken advantage of many deals from Groupon and they are a very reliable company. You can choose from London Deals/Goods/Getaways and All Deals.

Submitted by dinah1

Go to Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath for a great view over London!

Submitted by Dimligony

look on line for vouchers for eating out e.g. buy one get one free pizzas but check t & cs as they don't always apply to central London locations

Submitted by lambourne

buy an oyster card for getting about fares are much cheaper than paying cash

Submitted by lambourne

Many art galleries and museums e.g. V & A, National Gallery have free guided tours most days, they usually last about an hour and take you to a random selection fo exhibits and explain something about them - an excellent way of expanding your education for nothing, informaiton on meeting points, time etc is on the relevant website.

Submitted by lambourne

It is not true that all Wetherspoons charge the same wherever they are, the pub in Holborn is much cheaper than that at Leicester Square for example, they are all usually cheaper than most other pubs though

Submitted by lambourne

Do your sightseeing on a regular city bus. You pay a fixed fare no matter how long the trip, so get on and stay on. Choose a bus that crosses a bridge, for a view of the Thames, and let yourself be transported to terra incognita.

Submitted by petermvc

Find a place that serves a reasonably priced full English breakfast. If you manage to eat it all you can skip lunch.

Submitted by petermvc

If you are feeling adventurous, head for places like South London's Brixton Market (they also have a farmer's market first Saturday of every month), in the market itself there are some great restaurants tucked away with some great food for really affordable prices.

Submitted by moshimoshineko

Find a wetherspoons, drinks are the same price at any wetherspoons in the UK including big spender London!

Submitted by MaryyyB

Win a competition where you get your travel, hotel, meal and drinks paid for. That's what I'm doing next weekend. On a more serious note, London only breaks the bank if you get trapped in the tourist hot spots. If you want a reasonable night out check out some of the quirky bars in Camden...not to mention Camden market has some great bargains.

Submitted by MaryyyB

If you want to stay in a fancy hotel, look for "hidden hotels" (in places like, but also weekend deals in the City. Many City of London (note City of London, not central London) hotels are aimed at business guests, and offer deals at weekends to entice tourists. One 5 star hotel (weekday price: 450gbp/night excl breakfast) recently had a deal of 2 nights including a fantastic breakfast for 150gbp, and included free use of pool/sauna etc

Submitted by Gelli