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Affiliate Travel Blogging Program

Travellerspoint's affiliate travel blog program is perfect for travel businesses that want to increase their sales through word of mouth referrals, create more user generated content on their site and increase their online presence through blog branding.

Would you like to add value to your travel product and increase customer loyalty?

Would you like to increase your online presence and benefit from the fastest growing advertising medium available in order to build brand awareness and promote your product?

Would you like to generate additional sales from existing customers, increase conversion rates and generate new sales through word-of-mouth referrals?

Would you like to include more content on your travel website, without using expensive licensing options or developing new technology?

By providing your customers access to our leading edge technology, you can achieve these goals with minimal effort on your part. And better yet, our standard solution is FREE!

An ideal solution for any organization involved in gap year, student, volunteer or work and travel markets.

How does this work?

Customized Signup page

Add value to your travel product and increase customer loyalty

A Travellerspoint signup page is set up to match the look and feel of your site. Simply link to this page from your website or notify your customers of this signup page when they purchase a trip from you to get them started.

After your customer, the blog 'owner', has joined Travellerspoint to use the service, they are able to post entries on their blog by logging in through your website day after day.

Customized Blogs

Increase your online presence and benefit from the fastest growing advertising medium available in order to build brand awareness and promote your product

Blogs started by your customers can be branded with a look and feel that helps reflect your company. Consequently, any visitors to your customers' blogs will constantly be reminded of the organization that helped your customer achieve their dream trip.

Customized Featured Blogs page

Generate additional sales from existing customers, new sales through word-of-mouth referrals and increase the content on your website organically

Your continued involvement in your customers' trips will serve as a constant reminder of your products. Every time they log in through your site, you have an opportunity to highlight the other offerings your organization provides.

Through the 'Featured Blogs' page set up in your look and feel, you can provide your website visitors with access to content generated by your customers. Feature the entries you feel reflect best on your organization and let them do the selling for you!

What's included?

For affiliates:

  • Unlimited users/blogs
  • Access to affiliate administration area
  • Featured Blogs page to display best entries
  • Login/Signup pages
  • Customize blogs/login/signup/featured blogs page using CSS
  • Option to place sponsored text links on blogs (at a cost)

For your bloggers:

  • Easy to use management area, which allows users to update their blog from any computer with an internet connection
  • Sophisticated travel mapping tool!
  • Rich text formatting
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads
  • Video upload (unlimited)
  • Choice from several professionally designed templates and the ability to create custom designs for advanced users
  • Entry categorization by country or topic
  • Visitor stats
  • Visitor subscription and comments
  • Multiple authors
  • Easy to remember link to give to family and friends in format: http://<enternamehere>
  • Mobile blogging. The option for every user to update their blog via email or MMS


Below are some examples of both uncustomized standard setups or existing affiliates who have customized the look and feel to match their own sites. Click on the images to view the actual affiliate pages.

Standard sample (Uncustomized)

Sample Uncustomized Signup page Sample Uncustomized Login page Sample Uncustomized Featured Blogs page Sample Uncustomized blog template

x-plore (Customized) -

x-plore customized Signup page x-plore customized Login page x-plore customized Featured Blogs page x-plore customized blog template

Kulturstudier (Customized) -

Kulturstudier customized Signup page Kulturstudier customized Login page Kulturstudier customized Featured Blogs page Kulturstudier customized blog template