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En route to Puerto Madryn..28 hour bus ride!!
Whale tail water

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  • Easy to get to see a Dentist on the Road?
    I had to take a trip to the dentists while in Argentina in 2007. I had just spend 2 and a half days on buses getting from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn and on my 1st night there i had severe toothache.So bad i wanted to rip the tooth out there and then. Well at 2am 2 lovely argentinian women and 1 ...

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AB Puerto Madryn Alojamiento II

AB Puerto Madryn Alojamiento II

Brown 1803 Mitre 798 (Office on Hostel El Retorno) (Karte) - Ferienwohnung
AB Puerto Madryn Apartment

AB Puerto Madryn Apartment

Vesta 85 Oficina en Hostel el Retorno: Mitre 798 (Karte) - Ferienwohnung