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  • Quito
    Friday 25th October 1985 Explored town with the likely lads. Alan has a good collection of bank notes. He gets them plasticised. It is chilly at night, and the hills or the caffeine gives me palpitations. Quito sits in a valley between the two main Andean ranges, so the scenery is good. ...
    Posted in around the world in 1985 by 1985 trip

  • Quito
    Today, we took a tour of Quito. We walked around the main square and had lunch at a local restaurant in town. We visited the cathedral and a couple other churches as well as an old monastery. DSC_3979 DSC_3982 DSC_3996 DSC_3999 DSC_4016 ...
    Posted in Our World Trip by Walker Family

  • Quito
    On the 10th of July, we caught a plane from Panama City, to Quito in Ecuador, with a stopover ...
    Posted in Alan & Tilde by monkyhands

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