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Discussioni su Christchurch

  • To start with, Christchurch or Queensland?
    I'm going to NZ in December for 10 days only in South Island. I'm thinking where to start my trip. I just wanna visit any beautiful glacier, lake, glowworm... I have 3 questions: 1. Which place is a better place to start my trip? Queenstown or christchurch. 2. Do you know any good farmstay in South ...

  • Another big earthquake at Christchurch
    There's been another big earthquake at Christchurch , after the previous one in September. This one wasn't as heavy (6.3 versus 7), but happened in the afternoon and really close to the city, causing far more casualties. If you were planning on visiting Christchurch in the next week or so, better ...

  • Christchurch and surrounding areas
    I picked up a ridiculously cheap airfare to Christchurch on the weekend and was looking for advice on things to see and do in and around Christchurch. I will only have around 6 days in total on account ...

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  • Christchurch
    from Wellington to Christchurch, a city I'd visited once or twice before. After checking into my hostel, another former prison, I checked out the downtown area. I visited Christchurch cathedral, which ...
    Posted in A Journey of 1000 Steps by tristessa27

  • Christchurch
    We drove from Rangitata to Christchurch. Since I had already spent so much time here, I deicded to only spend the one night. But that was more than enough time to get my favourite $6 chicken currie and hit up some 2 for 1 drinks which ended in a bit of carnage. ...
    Posted in Ryan's Journey to New Zealand by Lutzy

  • Christchurch
    In october of 2006 i took a trip to Christchurch for a week, with my sister Nicole and our friend Girish. I atended a film course there. I learned how to do things such as film, edit, present, camera ...
    Posted in It all started with a dream. by Brooke F

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