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  • where is every1's best party town/place
    ios greece is great go near the end of the season late aug, the bar give away free drinks!! went 4 10 days wasnt sober for one of them! ...

  • Any tips on how to find cheap plane tickets?
    Daawgon, thank you so much for the link you provided! I found out that the search engine is also available as an IOS App and it is so convenient! It also lets you choose up to 3 departure and destination airports. It doesn´t really get much better... ...

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  • Day 51 and 52 in Ios
    Ios is the party island, as everyone has been telling me. but for me im still feeling sick so im not really doing anything. plus my last night in santorini i couldnt get any sleep i was wide awake till about 5.30am. I have no idea what was going on. So it was on the boat to santorini and i was lucky ...
    Posted in Europe Here I Am!!! by Fleetus

  • Dia 7 - Ios - Santorini
    Acordamos cedo. Pegamos o catamarã para a ilha de Santorini às 10h. Foto que tirei quando o catamarã deixava Ios: A viagem demorou cerca de 1h. A paisagem na chegada a Santorini era surreal. O ...
    Posted in Desbravando Fronteiras by alexpt

  • O-H, I-O
    Cleveland, OH Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008 Weather: Fair Health: Hungover, with Chipotle hear ...
    Posted in Ryley Has Dysentery by Ryley

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