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  • If you could choose anywhere in the world...
    I think I'd choose Australia, too. I haven't been there yet, but I've met a lot of fun people from there. Warm climate, great beaches, English-speaking, safe, familiar culture: what's not to like? Of the places I've visited, I really felt I could live in Helsinki... in the summer. I don't think I could bear ...

  • Why do one-way flights cost so much more?
    flights go to Helsinki or Tampere. Thus Finnair has almost no competion - almost all passengers heading to international destinations fly domestic to Helsinki and then continue from there, with Finnair of course. And Helsinki-Istanbul direct is only served by Finnair and Turkish Airlines. Not a lot of competition. If you ...

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  • Helsinki
    I've just been reading back over my blog and realise quite how awkward it sometimes sounds so I apologise! I don't often have time to read back over what I've written. I did a little self-guided walking tour today and I have to say I did all that I want to see of Helsinki within 3 hours. Oops! Whatever ...
    Posted in Gap Year by amelia.n

  • Helsinki
    going from Oslo to Helsinki on exit, we needed to pick a spot. We were on the OneWorld alliance, and from Oslo, we could only pick between London and Helsinki... So we picked Helsinki for a weekender ...
    Posted in Travelling Wakanoobies by jhetland

  • Helsinki
    to be the best trip out of the Czech Republic so far. Heather, Katharine and I stayed in Helsinki and took ...
    Posted in Czech-ing off the Bucket List by srussell912

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