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Hong Kong Conversações

  • which country has the highest airport tax?
    Hmm, good questions. I'd guess something like Hong Kong or Dubai. Then again, any airport in the US is surely going to charge a fortune these days to the higher security costs.... The last few tickets in Europe I have booked have all been roughly 60% price goes to the flight, 40% to airport taxes ...

  • Name the first Asian city that comes to mind
    Quoting t_maia Hongkong-4 It's interesting you rated Hong Kong's cost of living as '4'. Goes to show how strongly the Euro is performing against the HK dollar! ...

  • The worst souvenir you bought on IMPULSE
    This isn't the WORST thing I ever bought on impulse, but it just doesn't really do the place I bought it any justice....I bought a vibrating wire head massager from the View Point in Hong Kong. Now it is quite cool, although I don't use it much, but it doesn't really say Hong Kong to me really. ...

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