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  • Carvoeiro
    Today we traveled along the winding coastal road to the fishing village of Carvoeiro. Towering cliffs flanked the rocky beach where we dipped our feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Climbed many, many steps to the picturesque rock arch the “Algar Seco” where the sea has carved shapes and caves out ...
    Posted in Pathways through Portugal by merlendson

  • Picnic at Carvoeiro
    We packed a picnic and headed west to Carvoeiro on a sunny morning. We spent some time browsing shops and then enjoyed a delicious lunch of wine, bread, cheese and Portuguese ham on the beach. The Carvoeiro beach is sheltered by towering cliffs that are dotted with homes and restaurants. After dozing ...
    Posted in Pathways through Portugal by merlendson

  • Golfing for boys – Portimao Shopping for Girls
    Greg and Jack drove the girls to Portimao for some shopping at the Algarve’s largest city and then headed off to Gramocho golf course at Carvoeiro. Darlene and I enjoyed the shops and had a lovely lunch before heading home by bus – it was a challenge to find someone who spoke enough English to direct us ...
    Posted in Pathways through Portugal by merlendson

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