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  • Had to stop the car to photograph this
    I just have to say that rainbows are one of the things that reminds me of the bigger picture, you know life the universe and everything (Thanks Douglas!) Cool picture, I had a stop and snap moment similar in Varanasi India, I was really depressed and this beautiful rainbow appeared aove the roof tops ...


  • Varanasi
    We spent some time seeking spiritual enlightenment in India’s Holy City of Varanasi. While here we took baths in River Ganga or the Ganges , a major river of the Indian subcontinent, associated in myth ...
    Posted in back to my roots by iffat

  • Varanasi
    After spending so much of our time in India visiting many of the Hindu faiths sacred sites we saved its most holy for last, Varanasi, which lies on the banks of the Ganges. We spent our days ...
    Posted in Off Around the World by JnKbigtrip

  • Varanasi!
    it the next morning! Varanasi is not what either of us were expecting. For starters its full of small little ...
    Posted in Asia 2009 by chrisalex

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Yogi Lodge

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