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  • Pretty fly for a white guyI have finally left New Zealand (sob sob) and have embarked on the more or less penultimate journey of my travels. New Zealand was amazing but obviously it shares a common language and culture with the UK. South Africa was Posted by SpannaB in Around the world in 80 songs | Feb 14, 2015
  • San Pedro de Atacama We had decided to go to the El Tatio Geysers the next morning, requiring a 4:30am departure. We got kitted up and ready to go only to find out that there was a car parked in the drive of Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Feb 14, 2015
  • Elqui Valley to San Pedro De Atacama We left Vicuña early and had planned a scenic route along much quieter roads. However, an hour into our journey, and half way up a very gravelly hill, we were greeted by a locked gate. With the gate Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Feb 8, 2015
  • Sydney to Santiago - Saturday, 7 February 2015Had a pretty good sleep, woke up and went over to the airport for breakfast.  Back to the hotel for a while as it was better sitting in our room than at the airport.  When we arrived at the Qantas Posted by gaddingabout in Taste of Brazil and Antarctic Adventure | Feb 7, 2015
  • Feb. 5 - EASTER ISLAND, CHILE Through the marvels of navigation, our intrepid captain has "found" Easter Island! We are more than 2000 miles west of our last port of call. "Remote" only begins to d Posted by Swenigale in Serenity 6 | Feb 7, 2015
  • Elqui valleyAfter failing to have been impressed by La Serena, whose only claim to fame is its 29 churches, we set off for Vicuña. It was an extremely fun drive with big looping turns hugging the valley, over a huge dam Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Feb 1, 2015
  • Santiago, Chile[img=h Posted by KJ1978 in Katie Jane's Travels | Jan 29, 2015
  • ChileMy flight to Santiago, Chile was already late to begin with, and it was delayed further. So I land in the middle of the night, a tiny bit scary, but I manage to take it in stride. I Posted by AshleyC in Where in the world is Ashley Churchill? | Dec 20, 2013
  • Finally left Santiago What a difference a day makes! Following another early start, the bike trouble was fixed very quickly - a loose clutch lever. With the clutch lever tightened, we were ready to leave Santiago - again. We found our way through the maze Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Jan 24, 2015
  • Santiago Monday morning and with all the documents collected, we were finally all set to leave Santiago. We were up early - ready for the 8 hour journey to La Serena, all that remained to do was attach the panniers - Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Jan 24, 2015
  • Valparaiso We decided we should give our bikes a bit of a test run on a slightly longer journey and Chile's financial power house of the late 1800s, Valparaiso, seemed like the ideal town. The 120km drive was mixed. Some of Posted by Kmoz7 in South America on 2-wheels | Jan 21, 2015
  • Drake Shake or Drake Lake?Every evening during the voyage we'd been left a chocolate each in our cabin by Marina. We'd decided to return the compliment with a bar of chocolate from us. We saw her just after breakfast and got a lovely response Posted by Purkism in Twoheadfurthersouth | Dec 9, 2014
  • ValparaisoThe best way to get from Santiago to Valparaiso is by bus. I used a company called Turbus and had a window seat on a nice modern two level bus for the 2 hour journey. I did have Posted by tdeits in Tom's Travels | Dec 16, 2014
  • SantiagoI left a cold and gray but delightful Paris and headed for Santiago, Chile - another 12 hour overnight flight, this time on Air France. I guess it's no surprise that they win the prize for best food so, Posted by tdeits in Tom's Travels | Dec 15, 2014
  • Torres del Paine We've been planning this trek since we decided to come to South America six months ago. We'd read so many blog posts, talked to other people who'd done it and agonised over whether we should camp or stay in the Posted by Ethiopia 2014 in South America | Dec 5, 2014
  • San Pedro de Acatama - the desert16 November After a morning spent organising myself and updating my blog, I take a trip to the Lagoon de Cejar. Because of it's high concentration of salt, it makes you float which is a really weird sensation and quite fun. Posted by Lifeis4living in 6 months in South and Central America | Nov 24, 2014
  • Santiago and chilling in Vińa del MarSo I said goodbye to Argentina and hello to Chile. The most striking difference at first is the speed of the internet, super fast in Chile. After one night in Punto Arenas (where I saw the Magellan straight) I took Posted by Lifeis4living in 6 months in South and Central America | Nov 7, 2014
  • SantiagoHola! First impressions of Santiago was that it was smaller and quieter than I expected. However, I did arrive over the weekend, which I am told the city is dead over weekends. It certainly was more lively this morning as I Posted by j0ne5y in Jonesy Incahoots | Sep 29, 2014
  • Between bordersThe road to Coyhaique gave us our first glimpse of the epic scenery we had all been waiting for. As we crested a hill we saw majestic mountains in the distance, with beautiful lakes below. The scale of these panoramas Posted by lskellis in Bump on the Road | Sep 26, 2014
  • Anyone got a puncture repair kit? We arrived in at the boarder exactly at 9am. Another easy crossing in terms of paper work but it is worth noting there are strict restrictions on products you can bring move across these boarders. Now I don't want to Posted by lskellis in Bump on the Road | Sep 16, 2014
  • Santiago Chile1/2 day Tour of the city of Santiago today after a very nice breakfast. Mainly kept in the city limits except for a trip up a to a view point above the city which wasn't as high as the new Posted by Nors Stephens in Adventurous Four | Sep 2, 2014
  • SantiagoWe all arrived safely and on time. Cooler than we thought and grey skies. Its a bit like NZ snow on mountains quite close. Barry excited to see snow. Already had excitement trying to order off a menu and had Posted by Nors Stephens in Adventurous Four | Aug 31, 2014
  • Travel HomeBuenas Noches, mein Bruder Peter und ich sind nach einem Monat Reise durch Peru, Argentinien und Chile seit gestern wieder gut in Santiago angekommen. Ich hatte während der Reise leider keinerlei Gelegenheit, Fotos oder Berichte hochzustellen. Insgesamt Posted by AngelaPeru in Chile 2014 | Aug 28, 2014
  • The land of gravel not fire. 05/08/14 - 08/08/14 Km travelled: 1793 Ushuaia, Puerto Natales , Torres Del Paine, After a quick 20 minute ferry crossing the famous Magellan Straights, synonymous with daring Victorian explorers we left mainland chile and arrived on Tierra del Fue Posted by lskellis in Bump on the Road | Aug 28, 2014
  • Tap those Happy Feet. Well there has been a woeful lack of any blog about our actual trip. So It is finally time to put fingers to keys and let you all know how we are getting on. It Posted by lskellis in Bump on the Road | Aug 21, 2014
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