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  • One young man and his mom in DenmarkThis was Max's first home and his brother Emil when he was on exchange here 2014-2015. They have welcomed me with open arms and lovely food as well. Five days and counting until I meet up with the rest of Posted by The Crew in 5 Women, 7 Countries, 15 Pair of Shoes | Jun 23, 2016
  • Day 68We awoke to another clear sky with wispy clouds. The high today was 25 C or 77 F. It was a very comfortable day. We had not set any plans for the day so looked online for some suggestions. We thought Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 7, 2016
  • Day 67Even with all the photos we sent out yesterday, we still forgot an interesting one. As we drove from the Viking Ship Museum to Frederiksborg Castle we spotted this compact wind farm. We had not seen one base holding four Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 6, 2016
  • Day 66Last night after we finished our messages we noticed a lovely sunset out of our window so we decided to share it with you today. This morning we we Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 5, 2016
  • Day 65After a comfortable night in our castle just out of Faaborg we drove into town in search of breakfast and a laundromat. We found both things in the "old town" part of Faaborg. The locals were setting up their Saturday Market Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 4, 2016
  • Day 64We woke this morning to a bright sunny day. Again we were reminded of the big sky we see in Saskatchewan. The high temperature today was 27 C or 81 F. We set off to Odense to see the Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 3, 2016
  • BriAviontour Let the adventure begin! Been in Copenhagen for a brief 2 days but we are most impressed with the people and what we've seen. The city is very compact and most sights are within walking distance. People are wonderfully Posted by Healey Bri_Avi in Healsontour | Jun 3, 2016
  • Day 63We woke to a cloudy morning with temps. about 20 C (68 F). After a very good breakfast served by our hotel we set off to learn about Denmark. Our first stop was at the town of Jelling. They Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 2, 2016
  • Day 62Today we traveled from Stralsund, Germany to Grindsted, Denmark (Danmark). This was a rather long trip for us at 500 km. We used to drive that far every day when we were travelling on Canada or US freeways but learned Posted by A-RPoulton in European vacation | Jun 1, 2016
  • Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen G o od Morning from a grey Copenhagen! Woke up in the Generator Hostel Posted by GirlguidingWOW in Girlguiding WOW Trip | Mar 25, 2016
  • It's dark! It's dark, it's raining but spirits are high on our travel home aka coach! We have now entered the next country on our adventure - Denmark. Not much to see unfortunately but there is very littl Posted by GirlguidingWOW in Girlguiding WOW Trip | Mar 25, 2016
  • KĂžbenhavn suburb- KastrupThis week's spotlight is on one of the suburbs in Copenhagen. I intend to show my readers the other parts of Copenhagen that most foreign visitors wouldn't normally go. Kastrup doesn't feel very touristy because it is the home for Posted by canglingy in The Chronicles of Ling :) | Mar 19, 2016
  • ClosureI have always been terrible to finish of travel blogs in any orderly manner. Once I get home, the hassle of finding a new place to live, moving, job/study routines set in, and I never get around to finish up Posted by askgudmundsen in Asia Less Travelled | Mar 15, 2016
  • Open Air Museum in CopenhagenToday's entry is going to be about one of the underrated gem (in my opinion) in Copenhagen. Normally, a tourist would associate the little mermaid and Tivoli when they hear Copenhagen but this city has many more attractions than these. Posted by canglingy in The Chronicles of Ling :) | Feb 13, 2016
  • Copenhagen, Denmark to Amsterdam - Tuesday, 5 January 2016Well today is the beginning of the long journey home. Flying to Amsterdam where we will stay overnight in the Schiphol Airport Hotel, Citizen M, and then commence the long haul tomorrow. While we were at breakfast this morning, it Posted by gaddingabout in Wendy and Phil's White Xmas in Iceland | Jan 5, 2016
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - Monday, 4 January 2016What a difference a week makes! Last week when we were here, it was overcast but the temperature was quite mild, about 2 or 3 degrees. Now a week later, the sun is shining but it's minus 3 degrees but Posted by gaddingabout in Wendy and Phil's White Xmas in Iceland | Jan 4, 2016
  • Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway - Tuesday, 29 December 2015Lazy morning this morning. Sleep in and late breakfast. Checking out at 12 noon and will do more exploring until 3 pm when our taxi will take us to the harbour to board our boat for an overnight Posted by gaddingabout in Wendy and Phil's White Xmas in Iceland | Dec 30, 2015
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - Monday, 28 December 2015"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen ... dah dah, de dah dah, de daaaaaaaaaah!" Well here we are in the land of Hans Christian Andersen, "The Little Mermaid", "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Red Shoes". This place has a really nice feel. Posted by gaddingabout in Wendy and Phil's White Xmas in Iceland | Dec 28, 2015
  • Copenhagen[[|Denmark photos]] Every great city must have an eternal rival; and as Sydney is Melbourne, so is Copenhagen to Stockholm. For centuries, the two capitals were bitter enemies Posted by Liamps in Liam's Globo Trip | Dec 11, 2015
  • Pretravel planning: My homemade travelguideWhen I started to plan this trip, it was only just a dream. I had no money and I had no idea how long it would take me to save enough for this trip to become reality. But as I Posted by juliathomsen in Julias worldtravel | Nov 1, 2015
  • Pretravel planning: PackinglistSurely your packinglist always depends on your destination, but most subject will apear on both a packinglist for a trip to Alaska and trip to Central Africa, so no matter your destination you should be able to use this packinglist Posted by juliathomsen in Julias worldtravel | Oct 17, 2015
  • Denmark: Day 3 [img= Posted by tait.bosik in Preparing for Berlin | Oct 3, 2015
  • "No Peeking Please!"APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE Patty did it! She spent her first night in a hostel. Sure, she only got four hours of sleep and sure, she slept with her glasses on and her backpack right next to her side... but [i]she did Posted by katemancuso in Taken: The Epilogue | Sep 29, 2015
  • Torshavn - Day 9Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands, which are part of the kingdom of Denmark. It is the smallest capital city in the world, and lies between Iceland and Norway. We decided to use some of our Posted by Cybercsp in Crystal Cruise - Amsterdam to New York | Sep 5, 2015
  • Holmsey visits Denmark!Holmsey has enjoyed his stay with me in Copenhagen and I have enjoyed having him. He liked my friend in the flowers on the balcony, and nibbled at the strawberries when I wasn't watching! [img= Posted by Holmsey Hare in Holmsey Hare's Hop | Sep 2, 2015
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