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  • Five Flipping FlightsOur first day of the trip and its fair to say it was a big one. Drama started the night before we left with a recorded message left on our home phone stating that our flight from Sydney to Santiago Posted by mljjs in Ando's Andes & Incas | Apr 5, 2013
  • EcuadorTime has been flying, hard! It’s time for my last 2,5 weeks of traveling already and for my last country, I have a local guide. My cousin Inti has lived in Ecuador for about 7 years and knows the places Posted by tombroekaert in Tom in South-America | Apr 3, 2013
  • Galapagos FollowupAs all of you noted, there were few entries about the Galapagos - there was a simple answer - the internet was spotty at best, and it was a struggle on board to get even simple email! I apologize Posted by rpickett in Rusty Pickett, ECC | Apr 3, 2013
  • Through the forest and into the mountains After the chaos of a big city like Quito, arriving in the tiny town of Mindo felt like falling into the Garden Eden. The air is crisp, butterflies accompany you down the street, hummingbirds lull you to sleep and the Posted by elyshahickey in Wanderlysh | Apr 1, 2013
  • Adaptation completedSo it happened! Finally! =) No more complaints about Ecuadorian slowness and imprecision. Instead of that pure joy and..happiness! I would not believe, that this will happen once. Example: Sitting in the same internet cafe as always, I am so happy Posted by Ef in Tranquilo, we are in Ecuador | Mar 31, 2013
  • San Cristobal, GalapagosArmed with only a machete and half of a fence post hole digger we combed the highlands of San Cristobal in search of invasive blackberries (‘mora’ in Spanish). The battle between native plants and blackberries is easily being won Posted by Robin-and-Kevin in Adventures of Kevin and Robin | Mar 31, 2013
  • All Kinds TravelWe've left the Galapagos. We're back in the Guayaquil airport, mourning, laughing at ourselves for our genuine and somewhat silly sadness. Taking turns, we creep into the airport bookstore and flip though photo books of the islands, reliving each creature Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 24, 2013
  • Sea LionsCan't think for all the pain in my ear. It is both dull and loud, drowning out all other sensation and thought. I would not be surprised if someone told me there was a rip in my eardrum, but Chris Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 20, 2013
  • Life AfterBack on land, as of yesterday. The ground has finally ceased its swaying, which means the last vestige of the cruise has left us. We are reluctant to relinquish it as we are still enchanted--by the lava-coated, unforgiving landscape, the Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 19, 2013
  • Almost OverWell, its just about over. The boat is anchored in Puerto Ayora Harbor, and half her crew is gone. Behind closed cabin doors passengers pack or read or sleep. Anther group of people you meet and leave, who fade in Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 17, 2013
  • Not much left to takeWe have continued to make our way down the Ecuadorian coast. Manta is a port city and self-proclaimed tuna capitol. Not a terribly interesting city, but we found a couple nice hangouts. Decent beach, especially for a Posted by ceastburn in Sunny and Cricket's Terruffic Adventure | Mar 27, 2013
  • Kicking back in QuitoAs much as we love life on the road, it’s nice to stay in one place for a while. Since we left Guatemala in August, we’ve moved at a cracker of a pace. So, it was decided we’d put the Posted by elyshahickey in Wanderlysh | Mar 26, 2013
  • NSCC in Ecuador We have spent two wonderful days with staff at Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo (UEES) and Universidad Ecotec in Guayaquil Posted by NSCC Intl in NSCC International | Mar 18, 2013
  • Hola América del Sur! Zoran Kondali and I from NSCC International are in South America as part of a reciprocal visit to several institutions who vis Posted by NSCC Intl in NSCC International | Mar 18, 2013
  • Quito, EcuadorWe have now been the two highest capitals in the world: Quito, Ecuador (9,350 feet) and La Paz, Bolivia (11,942). We were very excited to step off the plane in Quito and for the first time in a LONG time, Posted by Robin-and-Kevin in Adventures of Kevin and Robin | Mar 24, 2013
  • Ecuador's Coast, improving from disgustingWe have been in Ecuador for a week now, taking the less-common coastal route. We're saving the mountains for the trip back. There is a lot of money being spent on roads, which are generally good except for Posted by ceastburn in Sunny and Cricket's Terruffic Adventure | Mar 22, 2013
  • Earnest MatingIn a protected lagoon of brackish water we heard the splash of sea turtles trying to mount each other. It looked as ungraceful and earnest as human mating. We all stared and took pictures as they climbed and lunged and Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 16, 2013
  • Colombia/EcuadorCalí is not really a tourist town, which is one reason we liked it. The citizens are not slaves to the tourist trade, and therefore treat us as perhaps, curiosities, but not targets. We saw old churches and Posted by ceastburn in Sunny and Cricket's Terruffic Adventure | Mar 14, 2013
  • Quito/GalapagosWe left the hotel at 7:30am for the hour plus trip to the new Quito airport - that trip can be up to 2 hours in traffic. Most of the locals are too enthralled by the new location, although Posted by rpickett in Rusty Pickett, ECC | Mar 12, 2013
  • Quito Ecuador - on the way to the GalapagosWe arrived in Quito at about 11:00pm - pretty typical for flights to this wonderful city. The airport is brand new - having only been open a few weeks, but you could hardly tell it. The baggage delivery Posted by rpickett in Rusty Pickett, ECC | Mar 9, 2013
  • Finding Our Ocean[left]One night we were watching International House Hunters and the episode location was based on Salinas, Ecuador. We have been to Hawaii 3 times previously and wanted to go someplace new. Someplace where we could actually afford to Posted by rnswitzer in Travel Ooboo | Mar 9, 2013
  • Let It LingerA light depression descends, falling like soft rain. The cruise is nearly over, and, like everything we do, it has become our whole life; the thought of "after" resides in a place of fear and darkness. Quickly we ink it Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 15, 2013
  • GratitudeOne might say each day's wildlife viewing is better than the last. When you are distracted from diving cormorants by a school of sting rays and then distracted from them by swimming penguins and after that, following one sea turtle, Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 14, 2013
  • Yes, It's the GalapagosWhen the day is done for everybody else, and they collapse into bed in an easy sleep, I am still awake, writing. It grows late, my eyes burn. And yet how can I leave unwritten that moment I dropped from Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 13, 2013
  • It's the GalapagosThe rocking of the boat makes even a moment of stillness feel like vertigo. Nonetheless it is gentle, just a slight bobbing this close to the equator at the calm time of year. Yes, our cruise has begun. Our flight Posted by chschen in Teenie Travels | Feb 11, 2013
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