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  • This Week in HarburgI haven't written anything in the past 2 weeks, mostly because I've been so frustrated at the lack of free internet in my dorm and in school. At this current moment (initial time of writing, I don't expect to finish Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | Apr 11, 2014
  • Getting prepared....Wooohooo, another point to cross off my gigantic to-do-list :) So here it is, my travel blog, hopefully be filling up soon with comments, pictures, thoughts... not only mine, but yours, too :) What am I up to at all? I'm going to Posted by Augensternchen in Verena's Big Trip | Apr 10, 2014
  • ReisefieberIhr Lieben, Die Zeit vergeht rasend schnell und der Abflugtag für die Mittelamerika-Tour kommt immer näher. Am Montag geht's von Frankfurt aus zu unserem ersten Ziel: Panama City. Mein Rucksack steht bis jetzt allerdings noch mehr oder weniger dekorati Posted by Nala09 in Pura Vida - Tour | Apr 4, 2014
  • GermanyWe drove from Switzerland into Germany and cruised down the Rhine Valley. Just stunning scenery, however a little overcast hence the photo is a little dark. We stayed in a town called Boppard, which is nestled on the Rhine. Loads Posted by mccoach-cripps in mccoach-cripps travels | Mar 22, 2014
  • GERMANY - GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN ==GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN== It was now time to head to our next destination the glamorous ski resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen near the border of Germany and Austria. Thankfully it w Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | Mar 27, 2014
  • My way into FreedomeNo sooner said than DONE! My first steps into FREEDOME looked like this: I quit my job in November and call myself a free person since March. I gave up my apartment, sold all my furniture and gave most other things to Posted by alexandra we in In between Dreams | Mar 26, 2014
  • GERMANY - CHRISTMAS MARKETS ==BERLIN== After settling in Berlin for a couple weeks and setting ourselves us up with a new kit to survive the Berlin winter (giant puffy coats) it was time for Family Visit Mach 2 – thi Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | Mar 24, 2014
  • Trust LIFE and life will take care of you...To trust LIFE... is that even possible? "Trust life and it will take care of you", Let go, the universe won´t abandon you", or " "You live in abundance already you just can´t see it yet". One theorie after another, internalized Posted by alexandra we in In between Dreams | Mar 22, 2014
  • GERMANY – BERLIN Part Zwei It was a bittersweet second visit to Berlin due to the fact that we only had a few more days left with my parents before they took the long flight home back to Melbourne. This visit saw Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | Mar 17, 2014
  • ExplorationIt's 9am and 1 degree out, and the morning mist stills shrouds the town. Okay, well that was when I got here. It's now 12.07pm and the internet cafe meter is at 4.50 EUR, soon to be 5. Just spent so Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | Mar 6, 2014
  • What Sophia forgot 1. Slippers (new and bought specifically for overseas) 2. Favourite pair of brown shoes 3. Detergent (not a big issue) 4. LAN cable (also not an issue, especially because my dorm hasn't even set the wifi up yet) 5. Bedsheets (would have taken up Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | Mar 4, 2014
  • Day 1I'll start out by confessing that I got homesick two hours into the flight, and that I'm missing home like crazy right now. It's not just people, but also the familiarity and security of home. The following is a long Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | Mar 2, 2014
  • Ich Liebe BerlinNow you might be thinking that this is an all beer and skittles trip but we do have our serious moments - so on Tuesday we decided to travel out to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, it was cold, it was Posted by Louise Pryor in Borealis to Borscht | Feb 19, 2014
  • Berlin BitesA first class train trip from Munich to Berlin was a steal at 35 euros and a very pleasant way to travel. (was also a good way to recover from the trauma of being forced to go to my first Posted by Louise Pryor in Borealis to Borscht | Feb 17, 2014
  • MunichWe hit the ground running in Munich. Arrived Thursday arvo, were in our first pub by 6.00 and we were waiting for our first pick up on Friday morning at 8.30am ready for our trip to the Bavarian castles. So Posted by Louise Pryor in Borealis to Borscht | Feb 15, 2014
  • GERMANY - BERLIN Part Eins ==Berlin== After Oktoberfest on the back of five months backpacking it was fair to say we were broken both physically and mentally. This wasn’t helped by our money saving trip up to Ber Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | Feb 9, 2014
  • Last hours before the take-offWe spent the entire Sunday on packing, arranging etc. Wojtek needed to find time for the dentist and is now praying for no dental problems in the next 5 weeks. Miggi was working with all 4 hands full and Emilka Posted by Minuano in AU & NZ | Feb 2, 2014
  • GERMANY - OKTOBERFEST ==Oktoberfest== After all our travelling over the last six months we had finally made it to our adopted homeland Germany and the last stop on our travels before settling in Berlin for t Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | Feb 2, 2014
  • PreperationsEmilka is packing, Miggi is watching movies, I'm upstairs And now seriously... We are working on the packing list, washing stuff and trying to eat and drink in the middle of this chaos. The spirits are high. [map=629536 lat=51.045925 lon=7.01921999 Posted by Minuano in AU & NZ | Feb 1, 2014
  • Apie tai, kaip atsimerkę nardėm Vokietijoj nebuvau pora metų, bet čia viskas tvarkoj. Jie kaip ir anksčiau, prie bokalo alaus ima stikliuką baltos. Tik bokalai restoranuose sumažėję - populiariausias standartas jau t Posted by gramas in MENKĖ PO LOVA | Jan 27, 2014
  • Our new homeI know this is well overdue... and that in fact we have been living here for nearly to 6 months... but my new year's resolution is to get my blog back up to date and write about our travels regularly!! Posted by aboo10 in 2+2 travel | Jan 13, 2014
  • Ein neuer AudiAm Samstag den 04.01.2014 bin ich mit Herbert fast bis nach Dänemark gefahren um mir einen Audi A6 neues Modell mit eingebauter Anhängekupplung anzusehen. Der Preis war verlockend un Posted by HanSanne in Starting Blog | Jan 12, 2014
  • Deutschland , die Letzte Hallo Ihr Lieben, in fünf Stunden ist es endlich so weit und ich fliege in Richtung Delhi. Im Moment habe ich das Gefühl, die Hälfte bis Dreiviertel vergessen oder übersehen zu haben un Posted by daria-unterwegs in Auf nach Asien | Jan 12, 2014
  • Christmas 2013My German Christmas Observations: 1. There are tons of Christmas markets. Everywhere you turn, there is a Christmas market. The main foods at these markets are: potato pancakes, lentil or potato soup, all different types of sausages and of course, spic Posted by trackers in ¡Global Nada! | Jan 11, 2014
  • Pamokos iš gyvenimo sveturSveiki, Įdomu, kas iš Jūsų pagalvojo, jog mano Erasmus studijos Švedijoje, nedideliame miestelyje Borlänge, bus gyvenimo svetur pradžia. Priminsiu, kad grįžus iš Švedijos sekė Pietų Korėja – šalis, tarsi kitas Pasaulis. Vėliau širdis vis vien nenurimo. Posted by Zuikutis in Zuikučio kelionės | Dec 19, 2013
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