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  • Climbing Mt FujiSo I didn't have the best night sleep ever but it was nice to have a rest before starting again on the last section up to the summit. I put on all my layers I brought, thermals and long sleeve, Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Sep 7, 2013
  • Climbing Mt FujiSo this morning I organised my day pack so I'd have everything I need for the climb: Food/snacks Water Head scarf and hat Walking boots and socks Thermal leggings Zip of trousers Singlet T-shirt Long sleeve shirt Water proof and fleece Torch Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Sep 5, 2013
  • The Wandering Henro The plane ride to Narita was a long one. My feet felt swollen and the baby crying in the aisle in front of me didn't make the situation any better. I sat in the aisle seat and the two people Posted by thewongway in The Right Way to Travel: 대한민국 | Sep 1, 2013
  • KawaguchikoMum and Chris left Tokyo for Kyoto this morning, it was sad to say goodbye. I at least have a plan for Japan now and have managed to book most of my accommodation, it doesn't leave much room for changing my Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Aug 27, 2013
  • Day trip to NikkoGot up early again and went to the station to get the train to Nikko. There had been a misunderstanding when buying the ticket. We asked for a return ticket so he only sold us the ticket to come back, Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Aug 27, 2013
  • A day in TokyoWe got up early and hopped on the metro... It took a little bit to figure it out as we were talking and the station also has two lines with separate entrances but we got there in the end. We hopped Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Aug 27, 2013
  • Arriving in TokyoWoke up really early to get a cab to the airport. The driver was super rude and pushy, he was early and I was quickly trying to check the directions to the hostel online but he kept yelling at me Posted by CassB in Big Trip Home | Aug 27, 2013
  • Video Door BellsSince being in Japan I am a little confused over safety. Everyone says how safe Japan is, but there are bars on many windows in Japan. They also have a pull down metal doors. There is not much graffiti so Posted by Tina in Japan in My Adventures in Japan | Aug 21, 2013
  • The Japanese Toilet Ah this is a blog of immense awaking to the art of using a toilet. Not to gross you out or give away too many personal details. But I have often wondered if having a biday would enhance my life Posted by Tina in Japan in My Adventures in Japan | Aug 21, 2013
  • Our Trip Over to JapanWell this is our second full day in Japan. I am exhausted and I feel like I have been run over with a truck. I hope this feeling ends soon. So much has happened I need to start somewhere so. At Posted by Tina in Japan in My Adventures in Japan | Aug 21, 2013
  • My Adventures in JapanWell so far we have gone to three departments stores as we are surrounded by stores here at the Tachikawa Palace hotel. Each store has their own variety of merchandise. But they all have one thing in common, one does Posted by Tina in Japan in My Adventures in Japan | Aug 21, 2013
  • My Story about Food in HokkaidoI went solo traveling. Yes, again! This time starting from Asahikawa towards East, and then North, until the Northernmost point of Japan. Asahikawa [img=http://photos.tra Posted by automidori in Hundred and Ninety Degrees | Aug 19, 2013
  • Our Japanese journeyDear all, It’s been far too long yet again but summer is nearly over (for us) and we’re back to school next week so we’ll provide you with a two for one offer and tell you a bit about our Japanese Posted by TheBackyard in A Comrade's Guide to Vietnam | Aug 19, 2013
  • Jumping in with a splashThey say there are two ways of learning how to swim: you can timidly test the waters on the shallow side, or you can just make the jump and see what happens. With Japan, we took took a leap. ==The plan== [map=482078 Posted by dokobot in Doko-doko-bot | Jul 30, 2013
  • Hiroshima to OsakaAfter waving goodbye to our new Buddhist friends we continued south to Hiroshima, a city still struggling to emerge from the shadow of its tragic history. Since the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945, 'Hiroshima' has become synonymous with Posted by kate1401 in The World Ahead | Jul 20, 2013
  • PILGRIMS HAVE MORE FUN: Four Days of Excess-- Err, HOLINESS.Oh yes, this blog was a thing I was doing. Hello, blog. I am back to write you. Let's pretend I wasn't ignoring your calls for six months? Aww, you're so forgiving. That's why I love you. So, SHIKOKU PILGRIMAGE. The big Posted by Niadra in I Can Haz Enlightenment? | Jul 15, 2013
  • Day 15 - Kyoto - Tokyo, JapanWe left our hotel, bought our breakfast in the 7eleven and caught the subway to Kyoto before boarding to 10.56 shinkansen to Tokyo. Once in Tokyo station, we headed for the luggage lockers to stow our rucksacks so that Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 9, 2013
  • Kyoto and Living With MonksI think when people visit a new place, they set out with an idea in their heads of how they expect it to look. I include myself in this. You see photos, read books, watch films, and piece together a Posted by kate1401 in The World Ahead | Jul 9, 2013
  • Day 14 – Kyoto by foot, JapanToday we explored Kyoto on foot. We left the hotel and bought the usual breakfast which we consumed on a park bench. As it was incredibly humid, and already wet on the ground, I suggested we went back Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 8, 2013
  • Day 13 – Hiroshima, Japan === Hiroshima === As I awoke at around 7am, I could not remember where we were or which hotel we were in. I quickly went through the hotels in my mind before remembering we w Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 7, 2013
  • Day 12 - Osaka to Kyoto==Imperial Palace== We left our hotel early, planning to go to Hiroshima for the day. We arrived at Shin-Osaka at 9am; however the next possible train wasn’t until nearly 11.30am. We decided to head to Kyoto and boarded Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 6, 2013
  • Day 11 - Osaka Castle This morning we stopped for breakfast at family mart. We had the sweet roll thing from the Reyoken and also a chocolate version. We visited Osaka castle, which had an exhibition over 8 Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 5, 2013
  • Day 10 - Osaka, JapanWe awoke just before 8am and sure enough our breakfast was waiting outside our door. Today we were left 12 croissants! There was also the longest note that we have yet to receive. We had 3 croissants Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 5, 2013
  • Day 9 - Takayama, JapanWe were awoken somewhat abuptly by the phone ringing just before 8am. Shortly afterwards there is a tap on the door and a lady is stood there with an unexpected breakfast on a tray. We have green tea and Posted by Roaming Rolts in Japan | Jul 3, 2013
  • Tokyo: Two Needles in a HaystackAfter originally planning on spending four days in Tokyo, we somehow found ourselves nine days later only just boarding our bus to Kyoto. On the face of it this may seem excessive, however it soon became clear on our ninety-minute Posted by kate1401 in The World Ahead | Jun 30, 2013
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