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  • A Crusade to PetraYears ago when I was in high school, I received a postcard from a summer camp friend that showed a massive building facade carved into the side of a mountain. I immediately recognized it as the resting place of Posted by evilnoah in The Travels of Two Couch Potatoes | Mar 22, 2012
  • Not Tickled About Being PickledIn the weeks proceeding our trip, I was obsessed with making banchan--Korean side dishes such as kimchi. I tried to pickle everything I could get my hands on--cucumbers, daikons, cabbages, eggplants, garlic, etc. I was getting out of Posted by evilnoah in The Travels of Two Couch Potatoes | Mar 20, 2012
  • Stupid Is As Stupid Does?[Note: I'm posting my blog entries that I wrote daily during my trip to Jordan and Egypt. There's a 2-3 week delay because I am morally opposed to paying for internet access at my hotels (i.e. I'm too cheap).] Last Posted by evilnoah in The Travels of Two Couch Potatoes | Mar 19, 2012
  • AqabaHi for the last time! We are only in Jordan for 1 clear day, so going to the lost city 'Petra' was a must. One of the Indiana Jones films was made here, the place is awesome!! It took Posted by Lilla Merrick in Travel Expedition 2012 | Mar 12, 2012
  • Day 2 - Friday 18th NovemberOur entire day today was spent at [[|Petra]], an ancient city built as the capital for the Nabataeans, It was an amazing place! [img=http://photos.travellerspo Posted by israeladventure in Jordan and Israel 2011 | Nov 17, 2011
  • Day 1 - Thursday 17th NovemberAs we flew into Jordan this morning, it suddenly struck me that we were actually in the Middle East. As the plane lowered through the clouds and as I looked out the window, I could see nothing but sandy desert Posted by israeladventure in Jordan and Israel 2011 | Nov 16, 2011
  • Backpacking in the Middle East part 2===Amman, Jordan=== [img= thumb= Posted by aggro in Clara's travel blog | Jan 6, 2012
  • 37: And the point is?? Nice leisurely start this morning (which was good because I had a sleep Posted by weary_feet in Weary_Feet Treks the Globe | Dec 13, 2011
  • A Woman in JordanJordan was our first foray into the misunderstood Middle East. Many people imagine scenes from their nightly news broadcast, as there is currently much turmoil in the neighbouring countries. Jordan is a safe country to visit, with political and Posted by Lis.L in Let's Go Get Lost | Nov 23, 2011
  • Amman, the Dead Sea, and JerashAmman is the capital of Jordan and while it’s is not particularly known for its tourist sites, it does have a few and the city makes a great base for exploring the Northeastern part of the country. While walking Posted by geldere in The Hostel Honeymoon | Nov 2, 2011
  • Jordan and the Amazing Petra…We left behind the beaches of Egypt and travelled to Jordan via a small sliver of Israel. We headed directly to Wadi Musa, the town outside of Petra. Petra has been on our short list of places to Posted by geldere in The Hostel Honeymoon | Oct 27, 2011
  • This Mah 'Hood'Howdy all. Long time no blog. The issue is that here seems so normal now that it doesn't feel like there's anything interesting to write about. So, I live in Jabal Wiebdeh, one of the oldest parts of the city. Jabal Posted by jenofear in Jen's Blog | Jul 14, 2011
  • Day 6 - Heading to Wadi RumLuxury we didn't have to leave until noon today. We're heading to the desert for an overnight camp in the Wadi Rum but mother nature had other ideas and we drove straight in to a dust storm. Ibrahim feels it Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 13, 2011
  • Day 5 - Return to PetraWe're actually feelig better than we thought today - a bit stiff but good. However we still agree on a half day so we head back to Petra. We sit for a moment at the Treasury and take it in Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 13, 2011
  • Day 4 - PetraIt's another early start as Abraham wants to beat the crowds. He has organized a private guide for us (Samer). Samer purchases the tickets and we're really excited as we pass through the security gates and begin the walk. A Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 13, 2011
  • Day 3 - Travel to PetraAbraham has suggested we move the day around a little and do Little Petra before the main tourist attraction as he thinks we'll be disappointed in Little Petra if we see it last. So we headed off for a day Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 12, 2011
  • Day 2 - Jerash and Dead SeaOur first stop is Jerash in the north. Here we paid for a guide to give us a personal history lesson as we walked through Hadrian's Arch which was built in the 1st-3rd century AD. We walked to the south Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 12, 2011
  • Arrival in AmmanFlying in to Amman was a shock after being in the ultra modern country of Dubai. I knew Jordan had an ancient heritage from my high school History but I wasn't prepared for the sense that they are still struggling to Posted by Bowlers4 in The big retirement trip | Jun 10, 2011
  • No Bash in Jerash===Wednesday 30-12-64=== 1964 is drawing to a close. It has been a big year for me, and 1965 promises to be even bigger. This year I have made the break with home, family and country, gone off to seek the career Posted by Ozac in Shoestring Road | Jun 2, 2011
  • And another thing....One of the main things making cycle touriıng so addictıve ıs the way that our bicycles make us feel so much more connected to the places we are travelling through. They act as a social lubrıcant, a conversation starter even Posted by mrs lewis in Mariana and Rob's honeymoon adventure | Jun 1, 2011
  • Petra===Sunday 27-12-64=== We tried all morning to get a lift to Petra, but no luck. We finally gave up and came back into town. We went to the Syrian Embassy to get visas. No luck again - “come back tomorrow”. British Posted by Ozac in Shoestring Road | May 31, 2011
  • 9000 years of Jericho===Friday 25-12-64 Christmas Day === We were up quite late after getting back at all hours from Bethlehem last night, and left the hotel about 11 am to take full advantage of the Doughty’s Christmas Day invitation. And so Posted by Ozac in Shoestring Road | May 31, 2011
  • One thingWhen i was travelling in Italy several years ago i remember going to a wonderful pizza restaurant in Naples, with Mariana and her parents Pat and Bob. Real clay, wood fired ovens, fantastically fresh ingredients producing stunning pizzas. At the Posted by roblewis in Mariana and Rob's honeymoon adventure | May 20, 2011
  • Queen Alia Airport and MadabaWe landed at Queen Alia around 5:15 local time. Got our visas and luggage and headed out to get our rental car. We met up with Mohammed of Budget Rent-a-car, and got the keys to a Hyundai Elantra. Posted by kthai15 in Jordan 2011 | May 9, 2011
  • Midnight in Bethlehem ===Thursday 24-12-64 Christmas Eve === We set off for Bethlehem at about 11am, and shortly after getting onto the Bethlehem Road we were given a lift by three Lebanese nuns, who thought we were priests in our black Posted by Ozac in Shoestring Road | May 5, 2011

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