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  • 6. Good-bye for nowWe are off on an adventure!! The next 25 days will consist of camel rides, home stays, horse trekking, and camping. We will be travelling to Southern Mongolia to visit the Gobi desert, then to central Mongolia to horse trek through Posted by mm_lukes in and so the adventure begins ... | Aug 22, 2015
  • Day 14- Leaving Ulan BatorI had a leisurely day today, getting ready to leave for St Petersburg. You'll never guess what happened, though. When I was at the buffet breakfast spot at my hotel, I left my wallet in the cafe area. I Posted by sherington in Commerce Travel Assessment | Aug 16, 2015
  • Day 13- Ulan BatorI just had the 2 most life changing experiences of my life. I got up yesterday morning a bit nervous but keen to embark on the overnight dog sledding adventure I had signed up to. I arrived at the Mammoth Posted by sherington in Commerce Travel Assessment | Aug 16, 2015
  • Day 11- Ulan Bator Today I went to the opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival. What can I say. it was truly invigorating! The atmosphere of the crowd was incredible. As the soldiers, monks and participates marched out the crowd literally blew Posted by sherington in Commerce Travel Assessment | Aug 16, 2015
  • Day 10- Ulan BatorAfter sadly leaving Beijing the day before, I finally arrived in Ulan Bator after a 2 day train trip. I was very exciting looking out the window at all the people and buildings as I chugged past to the Posted by sherington in Commerce Travel Assessment | Aug 16, 2015
  • Genghis Can't - The John Wayne DiariesI've just spent the last 10 days on the remote Mongolian about going back in time from the previous fortnight in futuristic south Korea. As the title also suggests I've been on a horse too...fair play to good old Posted by stuhutchuk in A One Way Ticket To Bangkok | Jul 20, 2015
  • MongoliaAs we are now leaving Beijing for Xian, there is time to put down a few thoughts about Mongolia, especially now there is the comparison with China. The heart of Mongolia appears to be rooted in a predominantly rural context. Posted by CandPandKandS in Across and beyond | Nov 19, 2014
  • Ulaanbaatar MongoliaArrived in U from the transmongolian railway from Beijing. Crossed the Gobi desert saw mini horses, camels, cows and wild dogs. Was woken up at 1am then 3 am by Chinese and Mongolian border crossing officials . The Chinese searched Posted by nicnian in Nick and Ian's Trans Siberian Adventure | Oct 19, 2014
  • X-rays, MRI’s & painkillersThe F50 finally landed at around 0015 in the morning and I made my way through to the arrivals where Oscar was waiting with a taxi. The weather had been terrible all day with multiple flight delays and Oscar had Posted by ScottyJ in Road of Bones 2014 | Aug 20, 2014
  • Mayhem in the mountainsWe had a bit of a sleep in this morning knowing we had time before the group caught up. It was sunny and clear with just a hint of coolness in the air. After checking the spot tracker and confirming Posted by ScottyJ in Road of Bones 2014 | Aug 14, 2014
  • The Home of Chingiss KhaanWe left Irkutsk to head off for the border crossing into Mongolia. I was pleasantly excited about this and also the ride to the border was supposed to great….again no disappointments. We travelled through dense pine and beech forests over Posted by ScottyJ in Road of Bones 2014 | Aug 11, 2014
  • Farewell Mongolia - It's been emotionalAfter our traumatic time out in the Mongolian countryside, we spent our week in Ulanbaatar relaxing and giving poor Jason’s back time to start healing all over again. We did very little in UB other than eat, drink and sleep. Posted by katiejason in Katie & Jason's Round the World Trip | Aug 1, 2014
  • Mongolia Part 2 - The Very UglyOk so we’ve clarified that the food in Mongolia has been pretty awful. However, the single biggest issue we had with Mongolia was the roads. Our plan was to travel between key sites for 3 weeks starting in Posted by katiejason in Katie & Jason's Round the World Trip | Jul 25, 2014
  • Mongolia Part 1 - The Good, The BadBefore we start, be warned this is a pretty lengthy post as we’ve soooo much to tell you all since our last update. So grab a strong coffee before you read on! When we first arrived in Mongolia, we were Posted by katiejason in Katie & Jason's Round the World Trip | Jul 24, 2014
  • Going wild in Mongolia / Divocina v Mongolsku We didn't know what to expect when we went to Mongolia. Yes, we have been reading about the v Posted by zuzana.zav in Are we there yet? | May 21, 2014
  • Between steppe and dunesThat's how I can describe the last leg of the train journey. The Gobi desert, set between Mongolia and China, is a mix of these two. Some people prefer not to call it a desert, due to the lack of Posted by Billabongirl in Citizen of the world | May 19, 2014
  • If Genghis Khan had a car......he would have gone much further! These Mongolian are completely out of their minds when it comes to driving... I am surprised how I survived. My stomach can't say the same. After 15 days of food challenging, it gave up and Posted by Billabongirl in Citizen of the world | May 17, 2014
  • Surviving the chaosWhen you enter Mongolia, you have to forget all your good manners. Spitting on the street is usual as long as elbowing others to enter on a bus. You are not likely to offer your seat to a mother with Posted by Billabongirl in Citizen of the world | May 16, 2014
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (29th September - 3rd October)We were met at the station by the owner of the hostel we'd booked into. We'd thought it was just a nice helpful gesture but he then took us to some random hotel and not his hostel at all. He Posted by chantalpatton in Travel Patton | Nov 1, 2013
  • Three days after I had posted my last blog……My dad and Annette were standing in front of my apartment at 7.30 a.m.! :-) Really great! Also strange of course, to have them here, in ‘my’ neighbourhood. I believe my dad said to Annette: “This can’t be it... right?” Posted by reneebhs in Mongolia! | Oct 30, 2013
  • Researching and enjoying MongoliaSo, I saw a chance to write a piece again :-) Weekend #8 in Mongolia. During the past weeks I mainly focused on developing a good (final) internship plan and arranging all things for my data collection. Also not especially Posted by reneebhs in Mongolia! | Oct 12, 2013
  • In Nalaikh for exactly one month...... but it feels much longer! As I am writing this, it’s Thursday evening. During dinner I said to Ada, it’s exactly 4 weeks ago that I arrived in Mongolia, but it feels much longer already. Yes, she said, but Posted by reneebhs in Mongolia! | Sep 19, 2013
  • What noise does an angry Mongolian tent make?Not a yurt and pronounced to rhyme with her, hair or here - the ger is a lot more spacious than you’d think. Inside there are usually some of the mod-cons you’d expect of a 21st century family; satellite TV, Posted by stuartfinch in Somewhere Over The Urals. | Sep 17, 2013
  • Food Glorious Food!We've just returned from 14 days travelling around southern and central Mongolia (formerly Outer), but more about that later... Food Glorious Food…Well, as I should have expected from the former capital, capital and major tourist destinations, t Posted by ChipFondue in Somewhere Over The Urals. | Sep 10, 2013
  • Genghis and Gers Arriving anywhere at 6am is disorientating and UlaanBaatar is no exception- the blaring video billboards were particularly unwelcome and we resembled refugees as we camped out in the hotel's swanky piano lounge waiting for our rooms. In the afternoon w Posted by arianemeena in Two Pairs of Shoes | Sep 8, 2013
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