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  • "Helping Globie" a new adventure! When I was a kid, I trusted the adults, politicians, teachers and religious leaders. I always thought it was those who make the decisions, the ones who make the world work. The Posted by fmuldowney in Believing in Harvey | Apr 26, 2010
  • Eastern Danube Fall 2009 - Novi Sade This morning we visited Novi Sade, the 2nd largest city in Serbia. What a nice town! Very clean and beautiful.For a long time this was larger than Belgrade and Debrovnic [sp??], bu Posted by dgreening in Our Travels | Oct 2, 2009
  • Eastern Danube Fall 2009 - BelgradeBelgrade is very pretty, modern looking. This area has been taken over about 100 times in its 2000 year history [new rulers every 20 years or so]. One of the real highlights is Cathedral of Saint Sava. This is named Posted by dgreening in Our Travels | Oct 1, 2009
  • Eastern Danube Fall 2009 - Sailing the Iron GatesWe left Romania this morning as left Bulgaria and are now sailing between Serbia [to the south and Romania/ Transylvania to the north]. We are now in a section of the Danube known as the Iron Gates. This is a Posted by dgreening in Our Travels | Sep 30, 2009
  • Swinging back toward homeThis trip has been less about sight-seeing and more about catching up with friends before I start law school and am shoved so far into debt that travel will be rendered next to impossible. I'm happy that I managed Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Aug 1, 2009
  • Is Serbia Safe For ForeignersKarl Haudbourg, the self-styled "Ambassador of Serbia to the World" and a guy that's doing great work to improve Serbia's international image, found my blog and after some back-and-forth conversation asked me to write an article for his webpage. Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 27, 2009
  • VojvodinaPlanning to get an early start but owing to the complicating factors of drinking too much the night before, me desperately wanting a haircut and the fact that we're all basically on vacation we didn't leave for Vojvodina until 2pm. Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 21, 2009
  • Quick commentary on BelgradeToday Mateja and I met up with one of his university friends and one of her friends. We walked around the city, got bitten by a ton of mosquitoes and sat at another one of the boat cafes. Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 19, 2009
  • Checking in from BeogradMade it to Beograd tonight. It's a little bit cooler here in the city than it was in Nis last night. However, it's more humid so... yeah. Mateja's flat in Beograd is on the top floor of Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 18, 2009
  • Investing in SerbiaFor the past five days I've been giving a lot of thought to the problems facing Serbia as time marches forward. Primarily I tend to view political and social ills as best solved through economic means. However, Serbia Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 17, 2009
  • Poverty in the BalkansI'm at a cafe and just saw something very sad - a small Roma boy, probably not more than 3 years of age, was sent by his mother to beg at our table. Poverty is a very serious issue Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 16, 2009
  • The photos!Hey everybody! Quick update to alert you to the constant stream of photographs. In case you haven't noticed I've uploaded pictures from Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik and other places. In the update today are photos from Milos's birthday Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 13, 2009
  • Milos b-daySitting at Milos's place in Jelasnica near Nis right now recovering from his 12-hour-long b-day party. It was pretty intense. I have photos (mostly taken by the birthday boy himself) to upload but that will have to wait Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 12, 2009
  • Internet woes!!!Mateja, his father and I are at a cafe in downtown Nis right now. Unfortunately, internet is hard to come by right now and this is the best I can do. I have so many stories to tell Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Jul 10, 2009
  • belgrade!ohoh so many things to tell but i try to do shortly :D so i finished last time in Kotor... in the train station i met zeljko, he advised me to see the security of the old hostel to see if Posted by hanso in 4 months on the road to India | Jun 3, 2009
  • Dia 53 - Beograd IIIHoy en la maƱana sali para visitar el otro lado del rio Sava. Cruzando la puente Vista desde la puente. El nuevo centro come Posted by Ughitus in A Tour in Europe | May 17, 2009
  • Dia 52 - Beograd IIThis is the serbian money This is cyrilic alphabet In the orning I was walking to Belgrade Fortress, this is the pedestrian st Posted by Ughitus in A Tour in Europe | May 16, 2009
  • Dia 51 - Beograd I (Serbia)Fotos durante la viaje de llegada a Beograd, ja amaneciendo el dia. Despues de guardar las cosas, pase a dar una vuelta por la ciu Posted by Ughitus in A Tour in Europe | May 15, 2009
  • 2006Last week I spent a couple days at my mom's new house helping her move. In the process I discovered the travel journal that I kept for my trip to former Yugoslavia in 2006. For posterity I figured Posted by DavidJFabe in David Faber's Travel Blog | Apr 6, 2009
  • Belgrade and SofiaBelgrade. The train left with barely anybody I asked to make sure that I was on the right train, I was. The only fun thing to do was count the Tesco billboards and even that got a bit boring after Posted by Kickstart in One life, One world | Feb 25, 2009
  • BelgradeWow Belgrade feels like a different world. I thought that Belgrade and Sofia would be similar because of their close proximity but boy was I wrong. It feels very much older and it is very run down.The people were Posted by Caitlin L in My Adventure to Europe | Oct 30, 2008
  • EXIT Festival 2008 in SerbiaSo this is my brand new travel blog. A new blog is quite sad actually, because it's completely empty and useless. But very soon I'm starting my cycling trip to south east Europe, and then the blog entries should start Posted by luzian in Exploring Planet Earth | Oct 17, 2008
  • I'm in Serbia!I'm not in Germany! Ok, so it's been a bit and I've been in Belgrade, Serbia (and still am!). I'm staying with some awesome family friends and sort of getting used to the city. In little ways, like crossing Posted by Buttfish in The Exciting Adventures of SuperNose | Sep 28, 2008
  • SerbiaSERBIA The bus trip to Belgrade was uneventful except for the navigational inability's of our poorly skilled driver. Driving badly he even had to stop and ask for directions. It is Posted by adamandmeg in Gone for good | Oct 11, 2007
  • SerbiaSerbia has been really interesting. People here are very nationalistic and also very bitter that America has been so involved in their politics (all the bridges over the Danube are brand new, after the NATO bombed the old ones to Posted by amyandwim in Amy & Wim | Sep 16, 2007

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