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  • SingaporeWe arrived in Singapore late afternoon on Saturday 11th October and immediate impressions were of the immaculate way everything is kept. The airport itself is gleaming white marble and colourful orchids. We passed through customs easily and wondered why, Posted by rduignan in A year together | Nov 17, 2014
  • Pitstop in SingaporeAfter three weeks of feeling very remote, it was such a relief to be back in civilization again! We spent 2 lovely days with our dear friends Stefan and Jade and their beautiful daughter Lily, and I wish we Posted by NicoleandJens in Eastbound and Onwards | Nov 7, 2014
  • 311014Almost a month since we are back from Taiwan. I just spent my whole morning reading through the reflections that you guys have submitted. Looking back at the photos in your blogs brings back a lot of memories Posted by Yvonnengcy in BFS Study Trip 2014 (Sep - Oct) | Oct 30, 2014
  • October 2014 Around the world and then some, Part IIAs this trip started I was going to go to China in between Australia and Amsterdam. This trip was postponed so I had a weekend in Singapore plus a couple days. It was good to be back in such a Posted by fracmeister in SPE President Travels | Oct 23, 2014
  • Post-trip Reflections[center] ===Before anything, I would like to express my apologies for totally blowing the word limit. However, it is my wish for the whole account to be read as it was, of course, a sincere reflection of the trip and my Posted by LimWanTing in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Oct 19, 2014
  • POST TRIP REFLECTION[center] [/center] DAY 1 It is my first time going on a study trip with my friends to Taiwan! When we arrived at Taoyuan airport, we met up with our tour guide, E Posted by Marilyn Lee in STUDY TRIP TO TAIWAN | Oct 18, 2014
  • Post-trip reflection.Ever since holidays started, I have been looking forward to the trip! It was a period of time where I thought I could truly relax myself and get away from the busy life in Singapore. I felt pretty awkward because Posted by kchewww in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Oct 19, 2014
  • Back from Taiwan Study Trip 8 days of Taiwan’s study Trip have ended... My overall experience for this trip was great and wonderful because this is the first time I’m experiencing a study trip and I had so much fu Posted by carmenseah in Taiwan Study Trip | Oct 18, 2014
  • BFS Taiwan Trip One of the highlights of trip that I felt was very joyous was on the second day when we wen Posted by haroldchoi in BFS Taiwan Trip | Oct 17, 2014
  • Pre-trip reflection.Initially, I did not consider this trip because I did not fancy the idea of going to Taiwan. I have been to Taiwan for a family holiday before but I did not enjoy the trip a lot due to various Posted by kchewww in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Oct 11, 2014
  • A Trek for 'Training' [center] [/center] For those of you who know me, you may recall not so many years ago when I had delusions of a trek in Guyana to Kaieteur Falls,(largest both in water volume and h Posted by 2xislandgirl in You are not in Kansas anymore..... | Oct 10, 2014
  • Singapore - Wednesday, 8 October 2014Last day in Singapore today. We both had a better sleep last night though Phil woke up in the early morning. He had a couple of things on his mind - whether to buy a small tablet like Posted by gaddingabout in Russian Rv Cruise; Baltic States; Greece | Oct 8, 2014
  • Singapore - Tuesday, 7 October 2014I was having a lovely sleep when at 3am, I could hear scratching and chewing and saw a light flashing. Yes, Phil couldn't sleep so decided to get up and rearrange all my photos on the tablet. Posted by gaddingabout in Russian Rv Cruise; Baltic States; Greece | Oct 7, 2014
  • Day 4[i]* please note these next few blogs were written a few days ago but were awaiting photos to upload. Yesterday we found out that David sadly passed away. We are feeling low and wish we were closer to home to Posted by rwregister99 in ASIA | Oct 6, 2014
  • Singapore - Monday, 6 October 2014We arrived at our hotel, the Peninsula Excelsior, at about 7am, in the dark. We were hoping our room would be ready but of course it wasn't. We were so tired and the most unhelpful person on Posted by gaddingabout in Russian Rv Cruise; Baltic States; Greece | Oct 6, 2014
  • Athens to Singapore - Sunday, 5 October 2014The alarm went off at 3am (!) and after a quick shower, went down stairs for breakfast at 3.30am. Just the basics were available but at least it was something. There was another family in there too who Posted by gaddingabout in Russian Rv Cruise; Baltic States; Greece | Oct 5, 2014
  • Day 3Day 3 started as every good day should - with a great cooked breakfast. It might have taken almost 15 years but I now understand Dave (remember that road trip in Oz?). Anyway after breakfast we caught the MRT then Posted by rwregister99 in ASIA | Oct 3, 2014
  • Getting settled into the 'new' house[center][/center] I have been remiss and not taken the time to sit down and post anything since last spring. I kept telling myself I would get to it as soon as I finished, X, or Posted by 2xislandgirl in You are not in Kansas anymore..... | Oct 2, 2014
  • Day 2Remember my USA blog "Disneyland the happiest place on earth - unless you are there with my kids"? Here comes the sequel.... "Sentosa Resort, the happiest place in Singapore - unless you are there with my kids". After another buffet breakfast Posted by rwregister99 in ASIA | Oct 2, 2014
  • Sightseeing day 1After checking into the peninsula excelsior hotel we headed out for supplies. Almost every building is a shopping mall and 1 block Posted by rwregister99 in ASIA | Sep 30, 2014
  • 5 things I have learn't so far5 things I have learn't so far For those that read our USA blog (sadly over a year ago) you will recall that I opened with 10 things I have learn't so far. Well since Singapore is only 1/2 the total Posted by rwregister99 in ASIA | Sep 28, 2014
  • 3 Continents Down, One to GoI’m sitting on the floor in the Singapore international airport, waiting for the last flight of the day: TZ 2 to Sydney, scheduled to depart at 2:45 am. I’m going to try to finish this entry before I get on Posted by cschelz in Round the World 2014 | Sep 26, 2014
  • BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014Pre-Trip Reflection Taking a flight with fellow friends for a study trip is something which I have never experienced prior to signing up for the BFS Taiwan Study Trip, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the sights of Taiwan. Posted by steffi_yip in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Sep 21, 2014
  • Pre-trip Reflections[center] ==EXPECTATIONS/ANTICIPATIONS OF THE TRIP== As an avid reader of Taiwanese Light Novels, it is an excellent opportunity for me to be able to visit the place where all the creations of the stories take place. I really look forward to the Posted by LimWanTing in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Sep 21, 2014
  • Pre-Trip Reflection[float=right][/float] Before embarking on a whole new learning journey and experience in Taiwan, I have been in a constant state of anticipation and excitement despite prior experience to visi Posted by Rei Yi in BFS Taiwan Study Trip 2014 | Sep 21, 2014
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