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  • Day 110: Little IndiaMy hostel is right opposite Little India and I hadn't yet explored it so in the morning I went on a walking tour of Little India given how much I enjoyed the tour of Chinatown. Unfortunately the tour wasn't that Posted by An.Ke in Antje is out of the office. | Jan 8, 2016
  • Day 109: Moonlight AdventureI started out today with getting some more use out of my bus ticket, being chauffeured around for about 2 hours with the wind blowing in my hair to make this heat a little more endurable. In the afternoon this Posted by An.Ke in Antje is out of the office. | Jan 7, 2016
  • Day 108: Another garden ;)The first thing I visited in Singapore was the botanical garden. It just so happened that Lauren, whom I was sharing a room with, wanted to go and since I didn't have a real plan and always check out the Posted by An.Ke in Antje is out of the office. | Jan 6, 2016
  • Day 107: Finally in SingaporeIt took me like 24 hours to get from Auckland to Singapore because I didn't fly direct but via Shanghai... what the hell was I thinking when I booked that?! Actually, I know exactly what it was... it was a Posted by An.Ke in Antje is out of the office. | Jan 5, 2016
  • Back to the futureSam It was a 40-hour door-to-door journey from São Paulo to Singapore, with stopovers in Addis Ababa and Bangkok. We were slightly brain dead and quite delirious by the time we got to Singers, but the trip went as well as Posted by samoline in Samoline 2015 and '16 | Jan 6, 2016
  • SingaporeSo far on this trip I have managed to stick to my £25 a day budget but doing so in Singapore was an impossibility. Other than transport on the amazingly modern and highly efficient metro system everything is about Posted by MalcolmB in Mal's Asia Trip 2015 | Jan 4, 2016
  • Days 55 & 56 - SingaporeNous arrivons à Singapour après le coucher du soleil. Nous voyons plein de points lumineux sur la mer : ce sont les pétroliers et les transporteurs de conteneurs dans la baie. Vue de Posted by AliceEtVincent in Alice and Vincent: Trip in progress | Jan 4, 2016
  • Singapore - Sentosa[center]Sentosa is a small gated island south of Singapore mainland. It's motto is "the state of fun" as long as you follow the sixty five million rules that accompany your every move. There are several security check points to pass Posted by Daft Slags Do.. in Daft Slags Do...East to West | Jan 1, 2016
  • 4 DecemberOkay, now on to today. I felt like it was time for some culture so I decided it was time to check Chinatown, Little India and Arab street out. 3 cultures in a day, oh yes I actually made it. I Posted by travellingsofa in A sofas guide to comfort | Dec 4, 2015
  • 3 DecemberOkay let's just say that yesterday ”all my problems seemed so far away...”. No, I'm just quoting The Beatles for some reason (?) Anyway, yesterday didn't start too well, I was a bit grumpy about the weather, - rain. I then Posted by travellingsofa in A sofas guide to comfort | Dec 4, 2015
  • 2 DecemberWhen I said goodbye to Mina at the airport I got the feeling that Hong Kong is a place I really should pay a real visit to, Iv'e put it on my mental list of places to go. I got Posted by travellingsofa in A sofas guide to comfort | Dec 2, 2015
  • PrologueEarly morning was not really a good time for me, but this is how it all started... It was 6:40 am when I woke up, originally, I was supposed to get up at 6am but the fast paced industrial world makes Posted by Velocity100 in Tanzania | Nov 25, 2015
  • IntroductionHello, my name is CJ, well may actual first name is John, but it I prefer CJ since my brothers has the exact first name so other people will not be confused. I am aged 14, turning 15 this year Posted by Velocity100 in Tanzania | Nov 24, 2015
  • Hello and bye..So this is my first time writing something like this.. Decided to start this travel log/blog in case I want to relive some of the experiences, share some photos and let some family and friends know that I'm well. My Posted by simweijie91 in A Journey Towards Optimism | Nov 25, 2015
  • See You Thursday===From a letter home dated Friday 11-11-1966=== [b]Singapore Dear All, This is the last letter you will receive from me abroad, and I expect it will reach you just one or two days before I arrive home by QF732 next Thursday morning. Posted by Ozac in Back Down Shoestring Road | Nov 24, 2015
  • One down, one to goI've arrived safely in Singapore and it's still 27'C even at 5:30am! That was a very long flight but lots of movies and TV to watch. And now another 9 hour flight to Melbourne. I'll let you know when I'm there. Jen Posted by JustJen in Australia | Nov 18, 2015
  • SingaporeTo get to Singapore we had 2 fantastic flights from Dubai with Qatar Airways. it was our first time flying with Qatar and with fantastic seats and amazing service we would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use Posted by RTW2015-16 in Around The World in 62 Days | Nov 16, 2015
  • A Tale of Two Milongas[center] [/center] I'd been travelling for a month, during which I'd been to eight tango events, all of them by myself, but for some reason I was nervous about Singapore. This was to b Posted by tangueratravels in Tanguera Travels | Nov 15, 2015
  • Darwin - SingaporeWe both wake up late with a hangover. There was an amazing storm in the night with lashing rain, deafening peals of thunder and dramatic lightning. The light is flashing on our telephone which means that the hotel reception has Posted by Grete Howard in Grete's Travels | Nov 16, 2002
  • In the beginningIt might be delicate in Dune, but in House Burnfield (Hillarys chapter), the start of a holiday is anything but, especially given that this one is for 11 weeks. The usual mad scramble was the go for the weeks leading Posted by jackyandgraham in Treat Yo Self | Sep 28, 2015
  • SingaporeOur journey from Greece to Singapore was long, but tempered by an enjoyable day in Madrid where we felt very confident navigating the city for the third time in twelve months. We arrived in Madrid on Friday September 11 around Posted by suel1960 in Sue's 2015 adventure continued | Sep 26, 2015
  • Losing sight of the shore. Visiting Taiwan wo Posted by DylanTT in Ready, set, woah - A giant rock | Sep 22, 2015
  • Pre-trip ReflectionWhat I want to achieve from Taiwan are - firstly, to expand my horizon, secondly, forge more friendships and strengthen bonds and lastly, have fun. Expanding my horizon is being more open-minded, exploring new places and trying new things and broadenin Posted by graceleeruien in Taiwan Travel Blog | Sep 21, 2015
  • Taiwan Pre-Trip ReflectionBeing the second time travelling to Taiwan, I am definitely anticipating an entirely different experience owing to the fact that I will be going with a different group of people and for a different purpose. I am really looking forward Posted by untitledless in Taiwan Study Trip | Sep 21, 2015
  • Pre-trip reflection before flying off to Taiwan1) What I anticipate for the trip Firstly, I can’t wait to try out the local delicacies and desserts in Taiwan that are highly sought after by the locals and tourists. The Taiwan street snacks are often advertised and made known to Posted by sohwanting in BFS Study Trip 2015 | Sep 20, 2015
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