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  • Ljubljana [[ Posted by get2will in Adriatic Travels | Aug 2, 2013
  • Ljubly Jubly A few months back Hayley and I were sitting in our hostel in Cusco, Peru and we struck up a conversation with a friendly Slovenian gal over breakfast. She told of a beautiful country off Posted by ladiesofleisure in A year or so of Misadventure and fun | Nov 26, 2013
  • Slovenia[[|Photos of Slovenia]] I completed my journey through the former republics of Yugoslavia with four days in Slovenia. The country’s tiny landmass is sandwiched between the We Posted by Liamps in Liam's Globo trip | Nov 3, 2013
  • BledThis is the second time i have tried to write this blog! The first one got deleted so i will try again. First things first. Yes i am fine and yes i am having a good time! Now that is Posted by BredG10 in Making Tracks | May 9, 2011
  • Natural Beauties of Slovenia and CroatiaFrom July 31st to August 2nd I joined a “Natural Beauties” tour of Slovenia and Croatia through the Balkan Road Trip travel company. The three national parks were the highlight of this tour, but the cities of Ljubljana, Slovenia Posted by clarkmw78 in Matt's Misadventures | Aug 31, 2013
  • Ljubljana, SloveniaBefore we set out on planning this trip we had already arranged to go on a group holiday to Cyprus with our friends at the end of July and as such booked cheap flights from Milan to Larnaca, so as Posted by Nick-n-Charlie in Our Honeymoon World Tour | Jul 26, 2013
  • Headed for HomeI hate air travel. Flying from Frankfurt to Houston I was unable to sleep with the seat reclined because the 4 year old behind me wants to pound on the touch screen on the back of my seat. Posted by get2will in Adriatic Travels | Aug 4, 2013
  • Lake Bled Our plan today was to hike around Lake Bled and go out to Bled Island. [[ Posted by get2will in Adriatic Travels | Aug 3, 2013
  • Soca River Valley and the Julian Alps Our plan today was to have a local guide to drive us up the Soca River valley and over the Vrsic mountain pass of the Julian Alps to Lake Bled. Our first stop on the tour was Breznica, Posted by get2will in Adriatic Travels | Aug 3, 2013
  • I feel S(LOVE)nia I feel S(LOVE)nia This is the current Slovenian Tourist Board slogan, and from our perspective it is very aptly named. The idea to visit came from a book that was Posted by happellfamily12 in La vita in quattro valigie | Jul 21, 2013
  • Laundry and Ljubljana Revisited[float=left][/float]Last night ended with some laundry trouble. We have access to an apartment style washing machine which has a drum that is oriente Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Jul 2, 2013
  • Lake Bled[float=right][/float]We delved into Slovenia's natural landscape today. After exploring the urban Ljubljana (I'm still struggling to wrap my ton Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Jun 29, 2013
  • Vibrant Ljubljana[float=left][/float]As you gathered from the last blog post by Abby, we are now in Slovenia. I am not sure if it is some sort of coping mechanism t Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Jun 29, 2013
  • To Slovenia via Trieste[float=left][/float]Today was yet another travel day and we were all a little sad leaving our house this time. Today we would be crossing over from Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Jun 29, 2013
  • May 28- SloveniaMay 28, The Sun has found me at last in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For today at least. It finds me out on the patio of hostel Cilica, A lovely little place that has been converted from an old communist Posted by kevinmykal in Euro Bum | Jun 7, 2013
  • Bohemian Trek - SloveniaDay 2: We had a quick stop over in Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) for lunch. I got a little excited to get another stamp in my passport. I really wish we had spent more time here as Posted by KylieClark in Rock Paper Scissors | Mar 23, 2013
  • LjubljanaWe left Ljubljana today for Venice, and we’re sitting on a bus in the pouring rain right now. Ljubljana was a great city, very beautiful and very European. We had our first experience couch surfing here, and it went so Posted by kmclean in Canadian Students Abroad | Aug 26, 2012
  • As véias no velho mundo!!!==Depois de Bled fomos para Ljubliana , capital da Slovenia. Chegamos no hotel e descobrimos que não tinha elevador e ficava no terceiro andar. Ou seja, não tinha como trazer a mala (que já está muito pesada!!). Depois de achar Posted by Le_e_Dan in Leticia & Danilo | Dec 5, 2012
  • As véias no velho mundo!!!==Saímos cedo de Verona e fomos de trem para Veneza Mestre para encontrar o Danilo (que vinha da Turquia de avião e iria pegar o carro no aeroporto e depois encontrar a gente na estação!). O Danilo nos encontrou Posted by Le_e_Dan in Leticia & Danilo | Dec 3, 2012
  • Restful days in Bled, SloveniaSeems the nice city of Ljubljana has a nasty cold bug going around. Linda and I have both seemed to have caught a bit of a cold. I'm sure she gave it to me, she disagrees. Anyway Posted by toddllama in Todd & Linda's European Adventure | Oct 21, 2012
  • Ljubljana, SloveniaOur hotel here is not it's own building, but just a portion of the third floor of a historical building, now a residential apartment building, which seems kind of weird getting into. It is very nice (modern, bright, ikea Posted by toddllama in Todd & Linda's European Adventure | Oct 19, 2012
  • Travel day to Ljubljana, SloveniaWe made a deal with our guide Bobo to have his wife pick us up and to take us to the airport (yes, we are now flying to our next destination). Linda an I had originally planned on staying Posted by toddllama in Todd & Linda's European Adventure | Oct 19, 2012
  • SloveniaI would never imagined Slovenia would be such a beautiful and friendly country. But then, neither did anyone else on the tour. [img=http: Posted by pscotterly in Fall 2012 | Oct 4, 2012
  • SloveniaOdometer Check: 11,349 kms Overnight Stays: Ankaran (2 nights) DW - Feeling that we hadn't quite slept in enough countries yet, we packed up from Stara Baška and left Krk Island in Croatia, Slovenia-bound. Along the way we stopped in at Rijeka Posted by Team W in Wombat Tour | Sep 22, 2012
  • A quick Wiener schnitzel stop before breathtaking Bled So the journey continues and this time by bus, Busabout to be exact! After travelling by train in Spain which is fast and comfortable starting our first leg of 5 by bus didn’t have me overly excited! But our destination Posted by katea_b in Why not? | Sep 10, 2012
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