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  • Super Savannah GeorgiaRoom 617, Avia Hotel, Savannah, Georgia. 6.17om, Thursday 1/5/10 But before we cover Savannah, I have to go right back to the flight from Heathrow. The story in pictures:- By the way, it took AA half the time that Iberia took to Posted by Johnash in Back Again - Two Thousand & Ten | May 13, 2010
  • Dubai,and Irish Pubs We made it!! Sitting in a little internet cafe in Nice, (had laptop problems)the sun has just gone down (9:30pm) spectacular sunset over the french riveria, little white, pink, and blue house with shutters, cobblestones, beautiful fountains, amaz Posted by Kerry F in Kerry and Ians European Adventure | May 13, 2010
  • Dallas, but no JRRoom 439, Hilton Garden Inn, Grapevine nr DFW Airport. 6:58pm 11/5/10 12 hour flight. Originally we were going to be on the ground on a taxiway for 2.5 hours waiting to take off. But we got an earlier slot at around Posted by Johnash in Back Again - Two Thousand & Ten | May 11, 2010
  • Lady Travelling in Large, Pink Hat..American Airlines Lounge, Terminal 3 LHR. 08:43 11/5/10 The plane is here, it's on the departures board so we should be OK to Dallas. It may take longer (over Norway and the North of Iceland, apparently) but we think we'll get Posted by Johnash in Back Again - Two Thousand & Ten | May 11, 2010
  • Flying!The day finally came! We headed on down to Sydney International after Ryan (Cara's brother) was so fantastic and took us all there in the very early morning. Cara did a great job in getting everything ready to Posted by giffords in Visiting the Orient | May 8, 2010
  • Perth to Poo!May 1st: We left Saturday via Tiger. Yeah yeah we know everyone told us on Tiger you pay for everything. EVERYTHING. Seats, booking fee, taxes, meals.. bla bl..a so we decided it was still cheaper by a small margin. So what they do, Posted by shananmark in South East Asia, from Corner to Corner | May 5, 2010
  • Up in the air It was quite funny flying with Air Canada to Frankfurt. On the way to the security check in, my family and I were taking pictures and then this guy offered to take pictures of all of us together which was Posted by Madalina in Mada in Madrid | May 4, 2010
  • First ImpressionsGuangzhou airport = WOW! freaking huge, modern, awesome building. With ceilings that appeared to be a hundred feet above. It‘s still under construction. We collected our luggage and went through Customs. I was reminded that China is Posted by CirrusNine in China & India 2010 | May 3, 2010
  • The Longest DayGreetings from Guangzhou China! What a trip it has been to get here! So, it took 36 hrs door–to-door (Our place in Elk Grove to Ada’s house in her small hometown of Ping Dong near Guangzhou) and a good Posted by CirrusNine in China & India 2010 | May 3, 2010
  • OttowaAfter a long trip from Perth - Hong Kong - Vancover - Ottawa we arrived at the hotel at midnight. Ottowa in the captial of Canada and has population a bit smaller than Perth. The Government buildings are stunning and Posted by nmullan in Narelle & Greg in Western Canada | May 2, 2010
  • Day 75 England - Cheltenham (+1 GMT)We arrived back on time to the UK to what looked like sunshine, but this soon turned to a day of rain. I am not sure we had missed cold rain at all, and am glad we had booked a Posted by RobBuckley in Round the World in 75 days | May 2, 2010
  • MY FIRST POST - HOW IT ALL STARTEDHello, this is the first post in my blog here. I have a number of other blogs and I'm used to posting in them, but this one seems the most difficult one to start for some reason. As the old Posted by Araluen in TRAVEL TALES | Apr 29, 2010
  • HatchetBrian opens up the Survival pack the very next day. Inside he finds a sleeping bag, a foam matress, a aluminum cookset, a water-proof container with a lighter and matches, a knife with a compass and a first-aid kit. he Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • HatchetBrian gets made at the plane because he worked all this time just to get to a dead end, so Brian punchs the plane and amazingly it lets way. Brian punches the plane again and it cracks again so Brian Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • HatchetBrian wakes up and heads down to the beach and sees ten fish in his enclosure and a piece of the plane sticking up! he also thinks of opening up the plane but then he remembers the pilot is still Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • HatchetBrian goes out to the beach and hunts a foolbird and kills it but when he goes to clean it off he turns around and a moose charges at him, almost killing him so Brian ducks under the water, waiting. Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • HatchetAfter awhile Brian gets bored of fish and starts having big cravings for meat. he goes into the forest and finds rabbits and squirrels but they are simply just to fast for him. Brian finds these stupid birds that know Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • Chapter 1I am having a ride in a plane, going to Canada's great north to see my Dad. I get to see him during the summers, but I live with my Mom the rest of the year. I am SUPER excited, Posted by 489492 in Hatchet | Apr 28, 2010
  • HatchetBrian wakes up to find a skunk trying to steal his food so he threw some sand at it and it cost him big time, he gets sprayed and is blinded for 2 hours and feels the pain for Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 27, 2010
  • HatchetBrian is very disappointed and sees a fish, but it isn't the right fish. Brian starts walking back and sees a giant wolf, Brian stands still for what seems like forever but the wolf turns and walks away calmly. Brian Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 27, 2010
  • HatchetBrian doesn't catch a fish yet but finds out that if somebody ever came he would have no way to let them know where he was, so he decides he has to build a quick and easy fire that could Posted by 394316 in Hatchet | Apr 27, 2010
  • Before leavingI left Denmark the 22nd of April. That was 2 days delayed due to an icelandic vulcano that decided to ash the whole european airspace causing chaos within airlines and customers. In the end the airspace was open again and Posted by susansoz in susans ozzie + thailand adventure | Apr 27, 2010
  • Balades à MontréalNous nous sommes promenés dans de nombreux quartiers à Montréal depuis notre arrivée mais il reste encore beaucoup de choses à voir. Le quartier des affaires ou centre ville est représenté par les grattes ciel idéal pour faire du shopping Posted by flogtooz in Chez nos cousins québecois | Apr 26, 2010
  • Appartement quartier ville marieLe nouvel appartement rue Chapleau. LA bonne affaire, très grand, pas cher et situé près du centre ville! Et depuis peu bien aménagé! La propriétaire est très sympathique, elle nous a donné de bons conseils. La plupart des fournitures ont été Posted by flogtooz in Chez nos cousins québecois | Apr 26, 2010
  • Up, down, up, down and up up and awayToday the team was up at 4 am to get down to the MAS office at 4:30 to see whether we had a seat. When we got in there was just us and a group of unreasonable Spaniards, and Posted by lostagain in A big trip | Apr 26, 2010
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