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  • India ... 2009 new blog for Mal & LindaOur first ever Tiger sighting and only 15ft away.. Posted by malnlinda in 2 Rucksacks, 2 years & 2 Old | Oct 22, 2009
  • Valentine's Day Today my wishes for a wonderful, loving home for my cats came true. Although my mind knows they're safe and that they'll be happy and loved and cared for, my h Posted by gottaleap in Out & About | Feb 14, 2009
  • Touring Northwest TrekAs a nanny, I work with a lot of kids and families. Out of the literally hundreds of people I have worked for, there are only a small handful of families whom I still maintain contact with, but there is Posted by Jennylynn in Jennifer's Journeys | Oct 19, 2009
  • Chimpanzee ReserveOur last day before the 2 day trek home we spent at the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Reserve in Nelspruit. The reserve has 30 chimps, all who have lived a heartbreaking life before being rescued. [img= Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 13, 2009
  • I get another day in Kruger!This will be our first day in Kruger in an open safari vehicle so I'm very excited about that. Its a little chilly at first in the morning but I get over it. I have now taken severa Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 12, 2009
  • St. LuciaEarly this morning we were on the road again for St. Lucia, another world heritage site. We were in town for a cruise on the lake but stopped for some breakfast first. The town is Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 9, 2009
  • Waking up in Kruger!Several times during the night I sat up in bed a tried to make out what was right outside our hide making so much noise. But the morning was magical with the sun coming up. I really wanted Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 5, 2009
  • My Favorite Place on Earth.......Kruger National Park. Bright and early this morning we headed into Kruger. The landscape looks much different that last visit. It is just coming into spring so most of the landscape is still dry and many of Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 4, 2009
  • Wildlife ViewingOvernight the rain was heavy but the morning was beautiful and after breakfast we headed for a day of wildlife viewing. Our first stop was the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center. They specialize in cheetah and wild dog rehab and Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 3, 2009
  • The Man Eaters of TsavoDo you remember the movie: THE GHOST and THE DARKNESS? That movie was based on the Man Eaters of Tsavo! When the rail road was being built in 1898 two Huge Male Mane less Lions went on a rampage, killing and Posted by Oxford510 in East Africa True Travelers | Oct 15, 2009
  • EmranEMPLUCOOL Posted by emmpludogs in AedinEmran | Oct 6, 2009
  • This is Planet Earth...So there we were, waiting on the LandCruisers coming to pick us up to head into the national parks of Tanzania when the heavens dumped the mother of all downpours on us. As soon as the Jeeps turned up I Posted by RTW Ross in Round the World....How hard can it be?!? | Mar 4, 2009
  • London According to FredAround 00.15am on a Monday night at Liverpool tube station, a miracle happened. The gates of the underground were opened by a large, middle-aged station worker, laughing away, and he let me pass through the gates for free. Now, I've travelled e Posted by Ofelia in Where is Maaret? | Sep 22, 2009
  • LionsGoing through my photos from South Luangwa, I have realised that I seem to have a ream of photos of Lions. Which I'll almost certainly never do anything with. So whilst I don't have any specific reason to use them Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Sep 20, 2009
  • Hippos with beach balls. And rusks (But without hippo's)It was good to be back in Zambia. Ignoring hotels in Mongu, it is generally a very friendly, relaxed kind of place, where they don't worry about pretty much anything: [img= thumb=http://photos.travelle Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Sep 19, 2009
  • Rio de Janeiro AGAINWith our plans to fly from Rio to Bogota, Colombia, we had no choice but to return to the scary city famous for it’s da-dada-da-da,da-dada-da (Girl From Ipanema). Let us preface by saying that if it weren’t for the Posted by moveimove in Movement Invites Movement | Sep 18, 2009
  • Animal Kingdom"Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Our next attempt to leave La Paz Posted by kreglicka in WANDERLUST | Sep 17, 2009
  • hanginghanging out here in spain wiff my main man, senora. check it check it. Posted by toar212 in Nuevas Avenidas de la Vida en Espana | Sep 12, 2009
  • It's plague timeWhen I first arrived in Malawi, i was sitting on a bus coming down the M1 when I got my first glimpses of Lake Malawi. A few minutes later an I could see several thick columns of smoke emanating from Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Aug 31, 2009
  • * * * Newsflash: Black Bear confrontation * * *Whilst walking the Juan de Fuca trail (West Coast of Vancouver Island) yesterday, we were challenged by a huge Black Bear. Standing a little over 6ft high in the forest pathway, the bear was no more than 30ft in front Posted by bigtrip09 in Ali and Rowan's Big Trip | Aug 7, 2009
  • quick update from zimhi again! so just after i said that i had good connection, there were loads of internet cut outs and we havent been able to connect for abou 36 hours - sooo frustrating! and water just cuts out at various Posted by julesfsmit in Julie's Journeys | Jul 7, 2009
  • Traipsing around a CalderaThe Ngorongoro Crater is cold. And unpronounceable. But mostly cold Especially when you are sleeping on the rim of it. But even when we finally descended into the crater it remained less than summery. Clouds covered the top, and occasional Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jun 22, 2009
  • Monkeying aroundHey everyone! Its been a MAD couple of weeks at IPR! Lots of drama and excitement! A few weeks ago Sue put an ad in farmers weekly asking if anyone had any land they wanted to donate and amazingly she Posted by Chewbecki in South Africa take 2! | Jun 22, 2009
  • TuskyI have a new favourite animal. This lovely big chap: [i]With apologies for the photo's poor quality, my battery was virtuall Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jun 21, 2009
  • All hail the Lion KingOn reflection, i have come to the conclusion that whilst i hated ( the Masai Mara, it wasn't the Mara as such, but, rather, the human behavior there. The radio contact was a major irritant for me, bu Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jun 20, 2009

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