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  • Our First Activity Hi Mrs. Hoff, Let me just tell you about this fascinating trip I went on with my school friends just a few days ago. The day we got there was when we all caught a whiff of Posted by Lola1815 in Ugh My shoes! | Nov 20, 2016
  • Family Time - Part Two[[|Click here to read PART ONE ]] Life on Sodsai Farm quickly becomes routine. Yann and Piak both take off within a couple of days, Posted by chb00001 in Letters from Charlotte | Oct 21, 2016
  • 3658 Miles Apart || My first days in Nova Scotia!Hi, I'm Giulia and I'm 3658 miles apart! I'm 16 years old and I'm from Italy. I actually live an hour away from Venice. On August 27th I arrived to Canada. I was very excited and I still am. My flight was Posted by NSISPFC in NSISPFC | Sep 10, 2016
  • Family Time - Part One Our days in the idyllic mountains of Northern Thailand are coming to a close. We have only time for one more voluntary work placement and this time we choose a mushroom fa Posted by chb00001 in Letters from Charlotte | Sep 5, 2016
  • Vegas baby!My sister-in-law and her husband had a baby in April, so we went to Las Vegas to visit the new addition to the family once DD1’s school year ended. This was our second plane trip as a family of four, Posted by amikulski in Toddler Travels | Jul 30, 2016
  • Indiana Dunes State ParkBack to a regular post...yesterday my family and I visited Indiana Dunes State Park. I was hoping to find Cerulean, Prothonotary, and if I was really lucky, maybe my hoped-for life bird Prairie Warbler. Upon arriving at Trail 2, I immediately Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jul 8, 2016
  • CubaVery early this Monday morning, I returned from my choir's week-long tour to Havana, Cuba. It was possibly the most eye-opening trip of my entire life, and the entire choir was changed by this tour. As the first youth choir to Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jul 6, 2016
  • Last bird walk of the season!Today I led the final bird walk of "spring," at Miller Meadows Forest Preserve in Maywood, Illinois. It actually turned out to be the most productive walk at Miller this spring in terms of # of species, 39 in total, Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jun 25, 2016
  • Junior Naturalists' Bird WalkFirst of all, this Monday, June 27 I will be leaving with my choir, the Voice of Chicago, for a week-long tour to HAVANA, CUBA! This will be one of the best experiences of 2016, and it is a groundbreaking Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jun 21, 2016
  • Australia: CanberraThe morning we left for Canberra from Sydney's Central Station was a little bit of a frantic one. We had been working to a departure time of 11:30am so we got ourselves together and loaded up with our bags, walked Posted by advensha in Advensha | Jun 20, 2016
  • Illinois Beach State Park!Today I birded with birding friend Al Stokie in northern Lake County, Illinois. Although it felt quite hot at times (it topped out at 93 degrees today!), we had a productive day of birding. After an hour-and-a-half commute on the Metra, Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jun 10, 2016
  • Travel India[i]Delhi with a Poor kid Posted by luxmi in Travel India | Jun 9, 2016
  • Orland GrasslandYesterday I birded Orland Grasslands South near Orland Park in southern Cook County, Illinois. I decided to go because the preserve hosts many quality breeding birds, and it was forecast to be a pleasantly cool day in the upper 60's Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jun 8, 2016
  • 3 days of summer birding!This post is for three awesome days of birding in my first week of summer: Thursday, June 2 - Saturday, June 4. THURSDAY, JUNE 2: A pair of rare Hudsonian Godwits, a large species of shorebird, had been reported at a random Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Jun 5, 2016
  • Oak Park Bird Walk & Piping Plover!Today, before my family and I drove to Michigan, I led a bird walk starting from my house at 7:00am - the final neighborhood bird walk of the spring (although I have three more walks scheduled to take place in Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | May 28, 2016
  • Springbrook PrairieToday (Sunday, May 22) I led a private bird walk at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve in Naperville, Illinois. It was a beautiful day in the lower 70's with completely sunny skies, and the expansive, rolling grassland landscape of the preserve Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | May 22, 2016
  • May 16 - 18: Montrose and More!This is another recap post from this Monday - Wednesday, which were three more great days of birding during pretty much the peak of bird migration through northeast Illinois. MONDAY, MAY 16: I was excused from 1st through 3rd period on Monday, Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | May 20, 2016
  • May 9 - May 15: Migration Madness!I am a bit behind in posting due to a crazy schedule, but this is the recap post of what is usually the most productive week of birding of the entire year in northeast Illinois: the second weak of May! Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | May 17, 2016
  • May 4 - May 8: Marvelous Migration!!!The last few days have been absolutely fantastic for migrant songbirds and other avian specialties coming through the Oak Park area. This post covers five days, so it will be split up day-by-day like my last post. For anybody reading Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | May 8, 2016
  • Finding FukuokaIn this entry, the blog will cover a quick glimpse of the city of Fukuoka, located in the Kyushu region. I feel that the Kyushu region as a whole is not given too much attention/exposure among the international travel crowd. Posted by canglingy in The Chronicles of Ling :) | May 7, 2016
  • A Week of Migration & 2nd ILYB Thatcher Woods Walk!This week has proved to be an intense week, with everything from an AP psychology final exam to this spring's first real wave of migrants coming through Oak Park. This post also includes a recap of today's young birder walk Posted by skwclar in Birding Around the World | Apr 23, 2016
  • COMMON SENSE - Be sure to bring a big bunch with you!Traveling from USA to Panama (and further south into S.Amer) requires a good vehicle and good judgement. The vehicle should be in excellent mechanical condition and go with spare parts, also should be comfortable for you and your passengers to Posted by rvcampertravele in OVERLAND Travel to Central and South Am. | Apr 9, 2016
  • Camping overland into Central and South AmericaTRAVELING OVERLAND IN A RV!

To us, travel has nothing to do with cruises and vacations. It’s not about staying at fancy hotels or taking a two-week holiday. 
Travel is a way of life. It’s how we learn, develop ourselves, educate our Posted by rvcampertravele in OVERLAND Travel to Central and South Am. | Apr 8, 2016
  • Pan American Highway - Going again in 2017!!I have decided to "get ready" early and do my pre-trip preparation for this great journey thru Mexico, Central America, and South America. I am using a excellent low-milage Ford F250 , 7.3 diesel, long bed pick up with Posted by rvcampertravele in Camping - camping in Guatemala | Apr 8, 2016
  • Cambodia: Sihanoukville - Serendipity & OtresOn a cloudy Monday morning in Phnom Penh we got on our mini-bus to Sihanoukville; a province in Southwest Cambodia. For the whole 5 hour journey the bus played a wildlife documentary on a fold-down screen up front based on Posted by advensha in Advensha | Apr 6, 2016
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