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  • National Parks of Tasmania (2)The rest of our time in Tasmania was spend on the East Coast exploring Wineglass Bay and then we headed inland to Mount Fields National Park on our last day. I was going to try to cram two national Posted by smr1188 in Postcards From the Heart | Apr 22, 2014
  • Neuschwanstein CastleWwwwwwwwwwwwwooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Neuschwinstein Castle. wwwowww More pictures at the bottom This is the Posted by danza in There and back again | Apr 21, 2014
  • Up and Around a WaterfallAs I’ve written plenty of times before, a great thing about my job is the ability to experience those things off the beaten path. For the past 2 weeks we’ve had claims northeast of Redding. 2 weeks ago we had claims Posted by Miss Chris in Grandma on The Go | Apr 19, 2014
  • National Parks of Tasmania If you're ever planning a trip over to Tasmania and are a fan of national parks and the outdoors, be prepared to spend lots of time here! Over 45% of the island of Tasmania is covered Posted by smr1188 in Postcards From the Heart | Apr 20, 2014
  • First Stop - Stockholm![b]So it is official - my journey has begun! After a 2 hour delay out of JFK, I landed in Stockholm-Arlanda a little after noon and found my way to the bus into the city. My (obviously well thought out) Posted by danza in There and back again | Mar 23, 2014
  • Tramping in Hooker ValleyBefore friends and family begin to wonder just what I'm posting here, I'll clarity, in New Zealand hiking is called 'tramping', as you'll see in the pictures. And Hooker Valley, well, it's an awesome valley in the Mount Posted by smr1188 in Postcards From the Heart | Mar 16, 2014
  • Paradise in the wakeI realized a while ago that I've never spent more than a week’s time on a place with a beach. Like, ever. Ko Phangan was not the exception. People and friends kept telling me to stay for the full moon Posted by Zaspirucho in Thoughts from afar | Feb 16, 2014
  • informationHello! I am Ilse Deleye and i come from Belgium I found an organization that offers trips to Mongolia: They suggest a nomadic home-stay with the possibility to use their horses. We will be welcomed by the f Posted by ilse deleye in MONGOLIA | Jan 18, 2014
  • Climbing Mt KinabaluWe started up the mountain at 7:30. it was just the two of us and our guide: Genius. We had to make it to Laban Rata by 10am, which was 6 Indonesian kilometers away, (they feel twice as long as Posted by derryfadman in South East Asia ramblings | Jan 15, 2014
  • How Traveling Alone Can Create A Better ExperienceBefore I started my journey to Argentina I had many people express their concerns--worried about me traveling alone as a woman, and only knowing basic Spanish. Oh, and I also got the occasional, ¨It´s a 3rd World Country!¨, which it´s Posted by Laurdatri in Sola Backpacker | Jan 7, 2014
  • Sugarloaf and Christo Redentor So we’ve finally done some touristing (my blog, so I can make up words if I like). On Posted by Addy21 in A photo a day | Jan 6, 2014
  • Hiking and other activities in the Sierra del Tigre Outdoor activities feel good in Mazamitla, good for body, mind and soul. The clean fresh air, the beautiful landscapes, the sme Posted by margaretm in Wherever life takes us | Jan 3, 2014
  • Bonding TimeFor the most part the end of the year has come and gone for my students. They've had their finals and most students have checked out. There are still classes but it's mostly fluff. We have started Posted by cstravelsabroad in Charlene's Travels Abroad | Jan 1, 2014
  • A weekend getaway that turned into a week and a half stay...(Well, I'll try to catch up (to at least the right coutry after this post, but I couldn't resist one more of the Blue Mountains) What was originally a 3 night jaunt out of Sydney, turned into working at an awesome Posted by smr1188 in Postcards From the Heart | Dec 6, 2013
  • Blue Mountains, Part 2Our 2nd Day in the Blue Mountains was a epic one. Words can't describe our hiking for 8 hours (and who knows how many kilometers and stairs!) and all that we saw, explored, found, and the vastness of Posted by smr1188 in Postcards From the Heart | Nov 30, 2013
  • October... what happened??Again I say October what happened?? Where did you go?? I swear it can't be November already. It just can't be. Clearly time just needs to stop happening so fast! Although I say this as if it is Posted by cstravelsabroad in Charlene's Travels Abroad | Nov 1, 2013
  • SeattleA FABULOUS/FASCINATING/FUN FACT ABOUT THIS PLACE: Seattle is the birthplace of rock legend Jimi Hendrix and the alternative rock music style known as "grunge", which was made famous by local groups Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Ch Posted by karencook in Karen's World Adventures | Jul 15, 2013
  • Costa Brava ExcursionSlowly checking off the list of places and things to see in Barcelona, as my time here winds to an end! I have officially booked a one-way ticket home, to arrive on the 24th of December, just in time for Posted by dclift in Pensamientos Errabundos | Oct 5, 2013
  • A Taste of the Desert Day 3We woke up in each others arms, which probably had more to do with the chilliness of the morning than our mutual desire to snuggle. We shared a breakfast of champions – puffin cereal & soy milk - but forgot Posted by Yonderlust in Yonderlust | Oct 4, 2013
  • A Taste of the Desert Day 2Wake up late at 9AM (which feels like 11AM for us, we lost 2 hours). We took advantage of the free breakfast at Care Oscars Bed & Breakfast then drove our little putt-putt (which is what we named our car) Posted by Yonderlust in Yonderlust | Oct 2, 2013
  • Hawaiian Vacation with my Russian Bear Back in July, my boyfriend and I took a week long vacation to Oahu. It was his first time there, (and yes he is Russian, hence the title of this blog) and we filmed our Posted by GrisWorld in GrisWorld | Sep 24, 2013
  • savor the flavor and jettison your labor behavior!===salutations my darling, young one=== Why, hello there ! Good to see you again. Just a moment while I scratch off the cobwebs from the keyboard. Mmm...looks like obsolescence hasn't swept this one up quite yet. And so I find myself in Posted by ggithens in looking glass | Jul 18, 2013
  • The curious case of Bolivia's south westNothing made sense. Yellow hills with leopard print spots, purple skies, mountains that floated in the air and kilometres of blindingly white salt arranged in cones or hexagon tiles. There were rivers made of rainbow and islands made of cactus. Posted by elyshahickey in Wanderlysh | Jul 17, 2013
  • Interlaken, SwitzerlandAn hours train ride from Bern and we had reached Interlaken at the foot of the snow covered Alps. The hostel Alplodge [[]] was easy to find and was much better than we had expected. It was part Posted by Nick-n-Charlie in Our Honeymoon World Tour | Jul 3, 2013
  • Take a HikeAs you may already know from my previous adventures, I am not an athlete. I don’t particularly like going outside either. So it seemed a natural progression that I would book a camping trip across America. First stop was the Posted by The Tipsy Gipsy in The Tipsy Gipsy | Jul 7, 2013
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