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  • 6 Months = 6 Pairs= The question is how many pairs is enough? The dark colors should help. Just be glad you aren't my fiancé. :-) Posted by Scatman in 40 K Miles, 6 Months | Sep 30, 2013
  • One more sleepGetting excited now ... our cases are almost all packed - just waiting for all the chargers - hoping they don't take us over our kg limit per case! The cats are settled into their holiday resort and our taxi is Posted by debsonthemove in The Barron's big adventure | Sep 12, 2013
  • All our bags are packed ...If you're anything like me, you'll be singing that song by now ... We're leaving on a jet plane, don't know when we'll be back again... But just kidding, although we did test out our cases on the weekend - and Posted by debsonthemove in The Barron's big adventure | Aug 19, 2013
  • A Look Into My SuitcaseI'm writing this on a plane from Vienna to Moscow Domodedovo, having left Austria on the hottest day in history. (Or the hottest August day in history, or something. Apparently, the poor people in Carinthia had to deal with 39.9•C Posted by feeverte in Second Star to the Right | Aug 3, 2013
  • All Roads Lead To...: PackingUpdate: All new posts can be found at [[|]]. From the moment I first learned of the destination for my graduation trip, I began doing what I do best: planning! Sadly, Clay demanded that he b Posted by cgplatt in My Never Ending Journey | Aug 1, 2013
  • Good newsGood news… My paperwork for my visa finally arrived today :-) I’ve completed the application online and booked an appointment at the visa centre in London for this Friday. I’ve even booked my train ticket – I am so organised! Posted by Nicola_C in The Adventure Begins | Jul 16, 2013
  • Taking the Stress out of RyanairDear Reader, Ryanair has just been voted WORST AIRLINE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE by 2,500 Good Housekeepingreaders. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has used their services, and I use that word loosely! As I Posted by haveyoubeenyet in Have You Been Yet? by Pam Fisher | Jun 1, 2013
  • How to Pack for Ryanair So Rose and I are off to Puglia, Southern Italy for five nights and it's our old 'friend' Ryanair who gets our business...again. We are hand-luggage only travellers when we visit Europe so here are my well-tried and tested tips. First Posted by haveyoubeenyet in Have You Been Yet? by Pam Fisher | Jun 1, 2013
  • Planning - all the ins and outs!Hi all, so it's now just over a week until I leave, hahaha I'm not counting down the days or anything (10 to be exact) and i thought I would take the time and outline exactly what I have booked Posted by Caralouise in Europe adventures 2013 | May 15, 2013
  • In the beginning...So it's the morning before my departure and I am almost close to call off the trip because of sights like this: Why is packing always the hardest part? Why is it that I always e Posted by Overpacked in USA 2013 | May 10, 2013
  • Preparing for the TripBeen booking flights and train rides. Buying tickets to rock festivals and to X Games Barcelona. Today I bought a bunch of cool new camera gear from Samy's Camera (Lowepro backpack and Gorillapod). I also bought batteries, a bike lock, some Posted by will.vasquez9 in Exploring Spain Spring 2013 | Apr 23, 2013
  • Preparing to LeaveIn a few hours I will be leaving for a 5 week volunteer assignment in Malawi, Africa through a [[|program supported by my firm]]. The program is organized by [[|World Posted by Analyst in Analyst in Malawi | Mar 2, 2013
  • Advice! I'll be travelling across America soon and need helpOkay, so my friend and I are going to be traveling across America for our senior trip. Yes, we know it can be very dangerous, but we're mature about the situation at hand and ready to explore. [b]We're going to Posted by Pandorasbaux in Travelling Across America Advice? | Feb 6, 2013
  • The Final CountdownSo after all these months, our trip is upon us! I'm swinging between extreme excitement and extreme panic, but the English weather is certainly helping push me out of the door. According to the BBC, the temperature in Cape Town Posted by kate1401 in The World Ahead | Jan 22, 2013
  • 25 days till take offWhere has the year gone?? I thought we had so much time to prepare for this trip, and now typically there isn't enough! 25 days to go and our list is endless; 1. Buy Backpacks 2. Get malaria tablets 3. Buy clothes 4. Posted by AlixandLiam in Getting Cultured | Dec 21, 2012
  • Preparing SucksTis the night before our adventure, and all through my house... We're frantically packing and running about... The weight of our luggage, being carefully measured... Wondering if all is prepared, for our great adventure! ...Its far too late f Posted by Dwayne Ashley in South African Adventure | Nov 8, 2012
  • Check Yourself Before You Wreck YourselfSomehow I had accumulated stuff, although I don’t go shopping a lot and was practically a pauper, when the time came to pack up my life, suddenly I had stuff. I was entitled to 20kg on my first flight home-bound and Posted by The Tipsy Gipsy in The Tipsy Gipsy | Oct 29, 2012
  • Pre-departure stressFirst attempt with a travelblog - how will it work out? My destinations: Shanghai, China (11/10 - 17/10). East Coast, Australia (17/10 - 30/11). New Zealand (30/11 - 22/12). Posted by MathiasLonneker in Shanghai, Australia & New Zealand 2012 | Oct 10, 2012
  • I'm going on a World Trip, and I am Taking ...What Tony is Taking ... It's almost time for our travels to start, so we have finally packed the bags and they are ready to go. Just thought for interest people might want to know what kind of things we are Posted by Jen-Tony in Jen and Tony around the world | Oct 5, 2012
  • Another Packing PostUpdate: All new posts can be found at [[|]]. Unlike my previous [s]posts[/s] essays on packing, this post is not about packing for a specific place. Of course, I was going to a specific place Posted by cgplatt in My Never Ending Journey | Oct 4, 2012
  • Final "Plans" for our trip to Greece and Egypt 'Travel is a wonder drug like no other. If you aren't feeling alive, pack your bags, leave town, and determine what comes next as you move along.' Well, its been two years since our last international adventure and when Kristine found Posted by atbrady in Boundless Adventures | Sep 12, 2012
  • One Day Till Takeoff===It's Official: I'm on Vacation!=== [center] [/center] [left]Our trip was conceived back in February when my plans to visit Europe with another friend fell through and I discovered that the A Posted by jdock in European Travels | Aug 20, 2012
  • What is the Sound of Procrastination Happening?Here we see a feral Naia in her natural habitat (a haze of incense smoke and denial-ridden panic, attempting to foist her angry hedgehog on a friend and make painful clothing choices between efficiency and high Victorian style), two days Posted by Niadra in I Can Haz Enlightenment? | Aug 19, 2012
  • Almost ready to go!!!==I think I slept a total of 4 hours last night. I am the worst procrastinator, I feel like I'm back in University, avoiding the one thing that I HAVE to do...PACK!!! After too many hours, I have Posted by lins_euro in Lindsay & Candice's Euro Adventure! | Jul 25, 2012
  • Every story has a beginning First of all, I'm a filmmaker. In theory, filmmakers don't study for what they do. The vast majority of the legends of filmmaking never studied. They just tried and learned. In Buenos Posted by pablo.apiolazza in El viaje | Jul 15, 2012
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