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  • Rolling to KrasnoyarskFrom Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk, July 26th - 27th 2014 Apparently, when I was taking a shower, so had the city. The streets were wet with puddles here and there. Luckily the rain had stopped, because I had planned to walk to Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Aug 18, 2014
  • Novosibirsk, the City at a GlanceNovosibirsk, July 26th 2014 Good morning, Russia! This is the street near my hostel, from where I started my [[|money-changer-quest]]. Along Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Aug 18, 2014
  • Lessons in NovosibirskNovosibirsk, July 26th 2014 Last night my host showed me the kitchen and where I could get cornflakes, milk, and... coffee. Yes, for free. That was music to my ears, especially that third one. So I woke up excited. Hmmm.... I Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Aug 17, 2014
  • To the Fatherland Switzerland (or at least Interlaken) was a great place to visit, especially after the excessive heat and crowds of Italy. The first things one notices while on the train are the huge mountains and the intensely blue lake. Posted by cschelz in Round the World 2014 | Jul 28, 2014
  • First Stop: MilanI'm currently sitting on the train from Milan to Rome - a 360 mile trip in just under 3 hours. Even better, it was only 10 euros (with my pass) for a comfortable seat and a small table in Posted by cschelz in Round the World 2014 | Jul 18, 2014
  • Searching for the elusive St. Charles' ChurchWhen you book hostels, most dorms are “mixed” meaning for guys and girls. But many hostels have female-only dorms as well (of course for extra money), so the mixed dorms usually end up being all guys. My roommates Posted by atbrady in Boundless Adventures | Jul 6, 2014
  • DAY 1: Uncomfortable Flight (July 6, 2014)Greetings from Shanghai! We spent 14 hours on the direct flight from Toronto to Shanghai on Air Canada. My flight could be summarized in three simple key words: sleep, malnourishment, and noisy. I slept for 13 out of the 14 hours—I have Posted by gillsofafish in Returning to the Birthplace | Jul 6, 2014
  • A Day in Hue A stone dragon decorates the entrance to a palace in Hue By and large, I enjoy trains. They are almost the perfect Posted by world_wide_mike in Worldwidemike | Jun 29, 2014
  • Ready for KrakowWe rose early this morning, which is easy to do as the sun sets at about 9:30 p.m. and rises at 4:00 a.m. It was a brisk morning and we were excited to get our day going. We had a Posted by darrenesl in Darren and Terri's Travels | Jun 24, 2014
  • Adventure TimeWe woke early on Sunday morning and set off on our grand journey. So 2 hour train to Zurich (spent half an hour there LOL just to say we'd been there) then 1.5h train to Locarno, 30min bus to Verzasca Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | May 14, 2014
  • Starstruck in Der SchweizWoke up at the unearthly hour of 4 am to catch my 650am flight to Geneva. After not being able to fall asleep the night before, I was running on 3h sleep (for me, a disaster) so I slept the Posted by seaskimmer in Taking the Long Way Home | May 14, 2014
  • Ella(See all the photos [[|here]]. Password same as for the blog.) Only a short post this one as we were only there for the afternoon but the pictures are worth posting! Left Posted by DanAndBells in Adventures with Danny & Bells | Apr 27, 2014
  • The Traveller's CurseOnce, while traveling, I met a philosopher. He’d been on the road for three years, at a time when I had only been out there for a mere three months. This number interested him for, according to his experience and Posted by Zaspirucho in Thoughts from afar | Mar 1, 2014
  • What Better Time Than NowWhat's a better time to start a oriental journey blog than while sitting in the train to... Warsaw. It's still one month till the first whistle of the biggest oriental adventure in the history of my life, but hey, before Posted by shvagier in Big In Japan 14 | Feb 22, 2014
  • Kunyah! Kunyah!From Birobidzhan to Khabarovsk, January 2nd 2014 Once again I queued on the very wrong side of the train. "Houskvousk rousk vousk." The train attendant pointed to the Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Feb 18, 2014
  • Day 79 Andean Explorer(s) We envisioned the train system in South America to be far more efficient than what we have seen so far, thus we were fairly disappointed thru out the trip not to be able to ride on a single Posted by ayca ozer in SiestaFiesta | Feb 17, 2014
  • Day 69 Poor Man's Dakar - Special Stage #3 Slightly hungover, we hit the breakfast and then the road. It had rained heavily all night, so the "roads" are muddy and slippery, it shows, as we see a bunch of trucks and cars flipped over, on the side of the Posted by ayca ozer in SiestaFiesta | Feb 9, 2014
  • Onwards!For months I had been feeding the fantasy of a great sailing adventure spanning thousands of miles and innumerable seas and islands. When that thought came to its abrupt end, I was left in the labyrinth of decision. A thousand Posted by Zaspirucho in Thoughts from afar | Feb 7, 2014
  • Unless for An ExperienceOn the way to Birobidzhan, January 2nd 2014 Refreshed by a good night's sleep, I rolled to the side to get my toiletry bag, and then slipped down from my upper bunk. Before stepping down the little foot step, I pulled Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Feb 5, 2014
  • First Experience on Russian TrainFrom Vladivostok to Birobidzhan, January 1-2nd 2014 In my open compartment were an elderly couple. They seemed to be in tough conversation. "Houskvousk rousk vousk!!" "Houskvousk rousk vouskkkk!!!" On my bunk there was no bedding. But on t Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Feb 2, 2014
  • By Leisure at Vladivostok Railway StationVladivostok, January 1st 2014 Leisurely I walked from Zemchuzhina Hotel to the railway station. I still had more than an hour before the train departure. For train addicts like me, Posted by automidori in Call Me Sonja | Jan 31, 2014
  • UnfinishedSo I have been a little bit slack in uploading anything recently, however I have actually been writing but just not enough or much. I have managed to write two unfinished semi decent pieces which I never got around to Posted by jtontheroad in The somewhat memorable adventures of jt | Jan 10, 2014
  • Day 5 - The longest dayWe were up early (yet again) and made our way to Huamphalong rail station in central Bangkok. We arrived at about 7.10am and rushed to the ticket counter to buy two train tickets to Surat Thani (a town in Southern Posted by MealsEeles in Asian Adventure | Dec 22, 2013
  • CairnsWe are in economy on the Queensland Rail and we think the seats recline more than NSW rail. So good because this is a longish leg. There is lots of green and sugar cane. They burn the cane fields Posted by Mari Anne in The Great Adventure 2013 | Dec 19, 2013
  • Sydney AustraliaWe are in Sydney. We arrived at 6 am to partly cloudy skies and warm winds. The Aussies are happy, they have been cold since we sailed into New Zealand. I am sitting on our balcony enjoying the view of Posted by Mari Anne in The Great Adventure 2013 | Dec 18, 2013
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