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  • Driving thru SwazilandWe were up early this morning to drive to Sodwana Bay and it was a good thing because otherwise I would have missed the Kudu females that came by for a snack. Genie gave me an appl Posted by ErinDriver in Drivers Touring Europe....and Beyond | Oct 6, 2009
  • Mothers!!!I haven't lived at home in over a decade and now that I'm living with Rosa I feel like I'm a child! I refer to her as my house mother. I eat breakfast and dinner with her and she packs Posted by nawaf in The Waffle Flight | Oct 15, 2009
  • Still in this &%&^% airplane!Wow is this a LONG flight! Does any one know if a 747 is capable of mid-air refueling, because it feels like we’ve been up here forever, which I know is impossible due to a simple mass/energy balance. (Nine Posted by hidburch in Australia 2009 | Oct 10, 2009
  • En route to Australia!I have no earthly idea what time it is right now. The computer clock say 9:00 am EDT. My watch says 6:00 am, and I haven’t changed it yet from when I set it to Pacific Posted by hidburch in Australia 2009 | Oct 10, 2009
  • Tica BusWe left Lago Apoyo for Managua,and went from a decidedly upscale place to the opposite. It had the advantage of being close to the bus station since the bus left the next day at 5 AM. for the two Posted by jonshapiro in Vagabonding at 60 | Oct 10, 2009
  • 24 hours of travel How do you get from the Greek Islands to Turkey, you might ask. The short answer is: * 6 hour ferry from Mykonos to Lesbos * Wait 3 hours, meet 2 Brazilians and have some hot chocolate Posted by erincadden in We Are Not Teachers Anymore | Oct 2, 2009
  • 2: Getting there...still getting there...DC bus to the metro, to the Chinatown bus--strike up a conversation with Japanese couple (hajimemashite, genki desu ka?) and thanks for the kleenex, as I start to get sick thanks to 65° inside after 90° outside, 5 hours of Posted by Zephyra in Confessions of a Recovering Francophile | Aug 26, 2009
  • Flying to CuencaOfficially, we’re in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Last night Phil went to bed with his regular face but woke up this morning with someone else’s. It is possible, in fact, that there is a bemused pug wandering the Posted by echo75 in Wanderlust | Sep 20, 2009
  • Greetings from the Underground LondonLondon underground, the Tube, is a fantastic and frustrating piece of London's landscape, and, like most londoners, I love it and hate it in equal measures. It is brilliant when it works; it sets the city in chaos when it Posted by Ofelia in Where is Maaret? | Sep 16, 2009
  • Flight to the UK Sunday, August 2nd : Bangkok After a decent sleep last night, today was our allocated 'trying to fit everything we have bought into our backpacks against the rules of science' day. After sauntering out for breakfast at Mr Posted by saresNcam in Sares & Cam : Our Big Trip : 2009 | Sep 3, 2009
  • Budapest to CroatiaSo far, we have only encountered one border control- entering Croatia. We are not sure if this is initiated by the Hungarians or Croatians. Must have passports and vehicle papers. They j Posted by Jcarrara in Julie and Lincoln's 1st Trip | Aug 26, 2009
  • Ahhh, ParisWell, the last couple of days have definitely been an adventure! Beginning with Thursday, when I got into the lineu for the Musee d’Orsee and thought I was going to vomit, then I slowly made my way back to my Posted by kvandervegan in Veggie Pack | Aug 15, 2009
  • Cusco to PunoHello from PUNO!! We escaped Cusco at last..We made it almost safely by bus... We basically went back to the agency and requested a refund, in order to book a flight to La Paz. At the agency, the operator told us Posted by nelly j in Sinusoidal Planetary Circumscription | Jun 16, 2009
  • When the Light's Finally Switched OnA full three hours of sleep the previous night on a random sofa in Helsinki, I almost missed my bus to Rauma. After spending years (yes, my gosh, it is years now) in developing countries, I'd forgotten that buses leave Posted by Ofelia in Where is Maaret? | Aug 12, 2009
  • Oh man what a start...Ok I am officially in Lima Peru and Thom and I are safe so let's just put that out on the table. However it has not been the best journey so far. Let's see....I think I will never fly Posted by Kelly Rose in Here, There and Everywhere | Aug 9, 2009
  • Dad Would Kill MeSo yesterday (tuesday), all of my friends/acquaintances/neighbors went on the Sydney Bus Tour. It's an all day thing, you get on and off the bus and take tons of photos that you never do anything with anyway and they never Posted by ChristinaC in From A Land Down Under | Jul 29, 2009
  • Pipa- another piece of paradisePipa is a place on the north east coast of Brazil which is nothing short of paradise. After Jeri we thought little could beat it but Pipa very closely did! it is a small place (very turisty though- mostly Scanadinavians- Posted by kmandmc in Our Trip | Feb 25, 2009
  • THAILAND NOT FOR US!!!Otoz, tak jak pisalismy wczesniej po odwiedzeniu Phnom Penh oraz Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) udalismy sie na granice z Tajlandia. Zwiedzajac Angkor Wat spotkalismy pare z Polski, ktorzy ostrzegali nas, ze na granicy na ktora sie wybieramy nie daja wiz Posted by Frais in departure | Jul 22, 2009
  • Wasting a weekKenya is a strange place sometimes. Before i left for a couple of weeks, virtually every matatu had a video screen showing music videos to the 12passengers in the back. As previously mentioned ( thes Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jul 20, 2009
  • Screw you too, PeruOne of the main reasons that we decided to travel to South America was to see the iconic Macchu Picchu, an important Inka town that was ´rediscovered´in the last century. One of the best ways to see it is via Posted by pendleton in The Pendleton Odyssey | Jun 22, 2009
  • Timewarp transportI felt like I was back in, well, lets just call it somewhere from a previous life and move on. Some travel experiences you love, others you are happy or content with, still others you just accept. Beyond that, there Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jul 5, 2009
  • A Boda-Boda Bouncy-BounceAS I bounced off the tarmac for the second time, everything suddenly went into slow motion. Almost Hollywood style, in a way, and I became suddenly, unusually and acutely aware of my situation and I seemed to have hours or Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jun 25, 2009
  • Hopefully It's Not This Hard!Last night I said goodbye to (almost) everyone I met in Revy. It an awesome night with awesome friends but it ended in a LOT of tears! Posted by kvandervegan in Veggie Pack | Jun 23, 2009
  • Punta Gorda, BelizeWe had to be in San Pedro Sula, Honduras for our next flight which proved to be easier said than done. Our best path ended up being taking a water taxi from Placencia to a nearby town called Independence. From Posted by olin in Sinusoidal Planetary Circumscription | May 27, 2009
  • The Blogging Hiatus EndsMy good friend Monica told me last year that successful bloggers post at least once every couple of days, otherwise their readers start to lose interest and eventually forget that the blog even exists. Although I considered posting about Posted by alsandiego in Where in the World is Al Sandiego? | Jun 5, 2009
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