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  • 24My birthday was last Tuesday. Y que fantastico, que perfeco! I woke to a banner outside my door, With a date for breakfast.....chocolate chip pancakes.... [img=http://photos.travellerspoin Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Mar 6, 2010
  • IT'S A CELEBRATION!!!!==HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO TRAVELLERSPOINT FOUNDATION!!!!!== Okay, so I've picked really obnoxious disco music for this one but I happen to like the song. Plus, at this particular moment in time, it fits. We have things to celebrate! As I write t Posted by Foundation in Our Two Cents Worth... | Mar 6, 2010
  • Gina, An Indian KittenI worked flat out upon arriving at the sanctuary. Christmas went in a blur and I was fine with that. I threw myself into sorting out the charity. Understanding exactly what Mad Dogs Trust was trying to achieve and how Posted by saraintrep in Sara the Intrepid is in INDIA | Jan 1, 2010
  • Mad Dogs - An Indian Animal ShelterIf I had thought that volunteering at an Indian animal shelter was going to be an easy ride, my bubble was soon burst. After arriving at 6.45am at Penny’s house, meeting the ten animals currently residing there, dumping my stuff and Posted by saraintrep in Sara the Intrepid is in INDIA | Dec 21, 2009
  • A monthOkay so it has officially been a month since I arrived in beautiful Canada! So far I have had three groups of kids. The first two groups were insanely challenging for me. The first, even with three counsellors to about 10 Posted by KatieG11 in Katie in Canada! | Mar 2, 2010
  • Domingo TranquiloI have no major updates, just some photos. While life here is sure to be turbulent, my emotions as varying as a basket of fruit, I am happy. I think mainly because I have/am beginning to feel comfortable Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Feb 28, 2010
  • Bye bye civilization, hello LIONS!SORRY FOR THE RUSHED ENTRY AND BAD SP! I'm sitting in Forty Thieves Bar on my FINAL day at Diani Beach, before heading off to Tsavo East National Park tomorrow morning. I'm being serenaded by the awful music playing, which has Posted by flynck in Kenya blog | Feb 23, 2010
  • Pre-campWow, sorry it's taken me so long to write. Just been so busy, and these travel blogs take up so much time! I'm actually writing this 3 weeks late so I have a ridiculous amount to update on. So I'm not Posted by KatieG11 in Katie in Canada! | Jan 31, 2010
  • Feliz dia de San Valentin!Feliz dia de San Valentin! So as I was sitting here on day usually reserved for the gushing of couples or the distain of the solitary populace or play the aloofness of someone who hardly notices it’s a day to celebrate…..I Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Feb 14, 2010
  • The helpeX files - Spirits in the SpringsMy first helpx experience has absolutely flown by, although I do still have a few days left here in Saratoga. I’ve been up to all sorts of interesting things, met more great people (a continuing theme on my travels, long Posted by Sampri07 in A North and South American Sandwich | Feb 13, 2010
  • South Africa Adventure TourIt has been a long time since I wrote in here, but i just didnt have time. We were all so busy on the adventure tour we barely had time to do anything else! Then i felt rushed and just Posted by TarrynK in Round The World | Feb 9, 2010
  • Brother Bought A Coconut...[i]I do realize that I have food-related themes going with my titles once in awhile. That's what happens when you like to cook, you like to eat and the shoe fits. Well, shoes aren't always edible. Okay, never met an Posted by Foundation in Our Two Cents Worth... | Feb 7, 2010
  • It's a hard life, here in Kenya!Hello again! I really haven't done well with "writing the blog every weekend"... I've been keeping a diary every single day, so when I come home you'll have something to read! So this is weekend #5 in Kenya so far, and Posted by flynck in Kenya blog | Feb 6, 2010
  • Jungle Trek and Boys Boys Boys!Hello people, How are you all? I hope you are all great going into Feb, can you believe its the second month of 2010 already?!?! I definitely can't, I think my timeline was paused when I left in October, so I'm Posted by Abilucy in Abi's grand adventure! | Feb 6, 2010
  • Disaster relief in CuzcoSo I travelled into the Sacred Valley, the surrounding regions of Cuzco yesterday with some other volunteers from Aldea Yanapay. It was crazy what we saw. The bridge to Pisac one of the towns in the valley had totally collapsed. Posted by amanda_w24 in South American Adventures | Jan 31, 2010
  • Dia de MujereJanuary 25, 2010 Hounduran-side. Here I am back in the swing of things. Two weeks into the new term at school, finished my exams, got everything buttoned up nice and tight. And believe it or not….I have moved on from Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Jan 25, 2010
  • Good-bye ChinstaIt is my last day in Chinsta so i thought i better give you some info about what i have been doing since the break. Our first day off included a trip to the transkie, across the kie river. Which Posted by TarrynK in Round The World | Jan 25, 2010
  • Mwaluganje SanctuaryThe internet here is slow, so I'm just going to write about the first 2 weeks and will write the second entry next weekend! I'm sitting in a tiny internet cafe watching a monkey (with a red bum and blue Posted by flynck in Kenya blog | Jan 23, 2010
  • South Africa So it is now like the 5th day of the volunteer part, and am looking forward to having the next two days off! The weather has been pritty hot the last couple of days and when we are working from Posted by TarrynK in Round The World | Jan 18, 2010
  • My BiographyBrent Jaspe is a third year student at the University of Michigan. He is an outgoing person but also likes reading and studying. He is from Beaux Arts Village, Washington. Brent Jaspe plans to pursue an LLM in Taxation Posted by BrentJaspe in About Me | Jan 13, 2010
  • Sunny Side Up, Please... So, I said I would be back and here I am... Though, only for a few brief comments and to show off a bit of math. No, you don't have to do the math. I Posted by Isadora in Our Two Cents Worth... | Jan 6, 2010
  • Oh, The Questions Of A Thousand Dreams ==A NEW DAY AND A NEW WAY== The above photograph was taken in Niger by my brother-in-law back in 1985. He, along Posted by Foundation in Our Two Cents Worth... | Dec 31, 2009
  • Feliz NavidadSo. Forgive me for not posting recently. I’ve been so consumed with all kinds o feelings, I haven’t felt articulate enough to post anything. But now…..Stateside. The week before I was supposed to take off might Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Dec 30, 2009
  • Utila II. Y una historia....The long overdue pictures from Utila!!!!! Getting off the boat after puking. Ahhh....the sweet divinity of fresh air. Me at our hotel on the water [img= Posted by buscarme in En El Desconocido | Dec 10, 2009
  • Hey Everyone!So this is the blog that Ive told everyone about, that I'll be updating as much as I possibly can. Notice how i havent said every day! Thats mainly because im not entirely sure what the internet coverage is going Posted by carl.adams in Southeast Asia 09/10 | Dec 2, 2009
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