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View from the castle in Segovia
Roman Aquaduct, Segovia



  • Songs that remind you of places you have travelled...
    Like Sander, I develop associations after having a CD on constant repeat while travelling somewhere. Whenever I hear the Living End's 3rd CD, I think of the Spanish landscape between Madrid and Segovia, because that's when I spent most of the day listening to it. Weird association, I know! There ...


  • Oh Segovia, I love you! - Day 6
    went to get donuts but the panderia (bakers shop) didn’t have any. We drove to Segovia, it’s about ...
    Posted in Cultural Skinny-Dipping Spain Summer 11' by drmstevens

  • 14th March 2011
    . To get to Segovia we had to drive over a huge mountain (the signs told us we were 1900m above sea level) and there was snow everywhere. We even passed the snow plough on the way down the mountain. We made it to Segovia, found a car park fairly easily and wandered around. Segovia is apparently famous for its architecture ...
    Posted in Kim and Danny 2011 by kimdanny

  • Segovia
    it was snowing in Madrid! Today we visited the old city of Segovia where we walked under the Roman aqueduct – amazing to think it has been standing there for over 2,000 years After a walking tour through Segovia we toured through the Alcazar of Segovia which was originally built as a fortress ...
    Posted in UK & EUROPE HOLIDAY 2013 by vandk

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定价 受欢迎程度
Duermevela Hostel
93 %

Duermevela Hostel

Calle de los Gascos, 7 (地图) - 青年旅社
Eurostars Hotel Plaza Acueducto
91 %

Eurostars Hotel Plaza Acueducto

Avda. Padre Claret, 2-4 (地图) - 旅馆
Casa Baos

Casa Baos

Calle Baos 6 San Ildefonso (地图) - 公寓
Complejo Hostelero Venta Magullo

Complejo Hostelero Venta Magullo

Carretera Soria-Plasencia, Kilometro 189 (地图) - 旅馆
Venta magullo

Venta magullo

Calle Rafael de las Heras, 1 (地图) - 青年旅社
Hotel AR Los Arcos

Hotel AR Los Arcos

Paseo Ezequiel Gonzalez, 26 (地图) - 旅馆
Hotel San Antonio El Real

Hotel San Antonio El Real

San Antonio El Real s/n (地图) - 旅馆