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  • Looking for the perfect h-trip in July
    ) - the diving has to be world class, especially searching for the bigger critters like Manta’s, Dolphins, Sharks ...

  • Where should I go first?
    to be honest was even better than some parts of the Great Barrier Reef. I saw so many 10m manta rays and whale ...

  • flying courier
    Found this, list of couirer compaines, you will just need to email them all and see if they offer once off air courier jobs, But i think the air couirer thing has washed out with most compaines now.... I am assuming your in Canada ...

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Donkey Den
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Donkey Den

Santa Marianita (Karte) - Pension
Villa Monica
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Villa Monica

Urbanizacion Mediterraneo, Villa Monica (Karte) - Pension
Hotel Marianita

Hotel Marianita

Santa Marianita, Manta Ecuador (Karte) - Hotel