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Cartagena, it's historical centre being a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a popular destination in Colombia. It was founded by the Spanish conquerors and used for years as one of the main ports to ship goods and people between Europe and South America and the Caribbean.

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An orange wall
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Cartagena, Colombia
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Guest Reviews

Hotel Marlin

Hotel Marlin

My husband and I stayed at the Marlin while traveling. The location is good. But this hotel is very, very, very, loud. We did not sleep at all, doors slammed all night, guest yelling and singing all night. The rooms are so small, we could not open the door fully to get it as it hit the bed. ... more

Hotel Villa Colonial

Hotel Villa Colonial

Excellent place to stay. Very quiet. Clean. ... more

Hotel San Roque Cartagena

Hotel San Roque Cartagena

As an inexpensive hotel in Cartagena, San Roque met all of our expectations. Most of the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful, and we spent a comfortable week in San Roque... ... more


Cartagena Discussions

  • cheap accomodation cartagena
    hey, just looking for cheap accomodation in cartagena. If anyone can recommend a cheap safe hostel please let us know, we´ve just decided to catch a bus from quito to cartagena so the mission is on..also we have no idea of which area we should be headed to in cartagena case we arrive late at night ...

  • advice on cheapest trip quito to cartagena
    are in quito right now. preferably this would be via cartagena and the carribbean coastline....does anyone know of cheap buses from quito to cartagena, or cheap local airlines...also does anyone know about ...

  • Long term-ish accommodation in Cartagena
    Hiya, I am planning to live in Cartagena or Santa Marta and go to a school of Spanish for up to 2 months, from mid Feb or beginning of March. I'd like to have my own cheap place, I've been looking on the Internet at it seems there are only large flats for quite a bit of $ on offer. How can I go about finding ...

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Cartagena Blog Entries

  • The colonial old city of Cartagena
    Next it was off to the coast to check out Cartagena, the most visited city in Colombia and supposedly a gorgeous colonial city again leaving involved its usual amount of drama. Once again ...
    Posted in Trav vs. South America by rhinoc

  • Blog Entry #20
    Today I will be visiting Cartagena: a Colombian sun and beach destination. I love going to the beach, I have been going on a lot of them, but after all, this is a vacation and I want to relax, I won't be spending the whole day here, just half (maybe less). With this beach apart from the blue water and white ...
    Posted in I've Been Around the World by MultiOoosh

  • Santa Marta
    to the city of Cartagena, we have heard contrasting reports about Cartagena, some people say its good, others ...
    Posted in Bernera/Steinish by RuMo

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