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Okinawa Iriomote Island Discussions

  • Okinawa?
    /snorkelling and thinking of spending a few days down in Okinawa and getting out to Ishigaki-Jima, Taktomo-Jima or Iriomote ...

  • Tokyo + Okinawa + ?
    to the tropical islands of Ishigaki, Miyako, and Iriomote (I'm told those are the best ones) for the remainder of the trip. We love warm weather and tropical islands so this seems like a good choice for us but I wonder ...

  • Okinawa?
    Hi everyone, I'm considering going to Okinawa as part of my trip to Japan this summer. The thing is I don't really know much about what to expect. Is there a great nightlife? 'cause I know there ...

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Hoshino Resort Nirakanai Iriomotejima

Hoshino Resort Nirakanai Iriomotejima

2-2 Azauehara Taketomicho Yaeyama (Map) - Hotel