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  • greyhound
    The Greyhound bus will take between 28 and 34 hours, depends on your departure time. It will be over $100 each way, even with advanced purchase. Alligiant Air flies from Springfield MO to Vegas for just over $100 round trip, advanced purchase. This is no contest, fly out to Vegas. ...

  • greyhound buses
    I took Amtrack once, from Montreal to Springfield Mass. The ride was long, slow and cold (the wind and snow kept coming in from between the cars). We even backed up for about an hour at some point - don't know what heppened there. It wasn't the most pleasant of rides, but I'd venture it was more comfortable ...

  • I.D in California worth the risk?
    A friend and I went to Springfield, Mass., when we were about 24 or so, and neither of us had a driver's license--which means neither of us ever managed to get a dang drink anywhere. Didn't matter if I pulled out my school ID, medicare card, social insurance card, nothing. It was a valid driver's ID ...

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