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Mahatu Leticia Hostel

Mahatu Leticia Hostel

Leticia, Colombia


We stayed for 5 days, after we had booked the hostel via Hostelworld.
We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the hostel and the people there. The owner is really nice and has great tips and a few connections to tour guides from the town. It was no problem whatsoever to cancel one night of our stay to leave for a trip to the jungle. There is also a safe storage room to leave some of your things in the hostel, if you´re planning to take a jungle tour for two or more days.
The hostel has a little pool, a lake and is all in all very green and natural. There are public baths and toilets outside of the rooms. The breakfast and beverage at the bar are cheap, as well as the rooms.
The rooms are equipped with fans as well. Your can wash your clothes for 6000mil pesos per kilo.
The hostel is not located far from all the important places in the town, to the harbour you walk by feet for about 10 minutes.
We had a fun time and are looking forward to stay in the hostal again, when we get to Leticia another time! We also had a funny evening going out with people from the hostal and the owner, so seriously the atmosphere is really familiar.

Have a nice stay in Leticia!

Anandamayi Hostel & Hotel

Anandamayi Hostel & Hotel

Bogota, Colombia

Uniquely kind and generous in every sense. A wonderful place to stay. Highly recommended.