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  • climate + rainy season in thailand?
    Nat, The night isn't bad in the southern or central parts. But the night gets to be very cold in the north - Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Chaing Rai, Nan, Udon Thani, Loei. Just about everything morth of Sukhothai, or so I believe. :-) Mike D. ...

    Yes, u r right. There are very friendly. Not only in Thailand but Laos and Cambodia as well. We even being escort by Police in Chiang Mai and Loei because we were lost and also to find Muslim food. We travel by my Malaysia car to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and border of Myanmar( Mae Sai). ...

  • 3 month trip route advise
    Ratchathani, and from here bus up to Khon Kaen, go up to Loei...further up u have border crossing into Burma ...

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Thailand Sustainable Yoga Retreat

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