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Dili Fotos

A hdr rendition of a hut on a beach in timor leste
An evening view of a padi field in a rainforest in timor leste
A native fishing boat with double skid stabilisers in timor leste

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Dili Discusiones

  • Transport from Dili (East Timor) to Sinagpore
    suggestions for getting to Singapore or Bruni or Malaysia, just somewhere further North than Dili. The end ...

  • Indonesia Independent Travel
    Apparently, if you fly to East Timor (Dili) you can get a visa on arrival, at the airport. The same at Dili's seaport. BUT if you come in overland, from West Timor, you have to prearrange a visa. There is no visa on arrival at the land border. I believe there are ferries that go to East Timor from Indonesia ...

  • Two months travel to China
    if you want stay tow months in China,you should go to Shanghai,Hangzhou,Xi'an.Yangshou.lijiang.dili.Lhasa.welcome to Chengdu,if you have chance to come here,ican take you to taste Sichuan food and snake,see the panda,see the Sichuan opera... ...

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Dili Beach Hotel

Dili Beach Hotel

Pantai Kelapa Beach Road (Mapa) - Hotel