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Okinawa Zamami Discusiones

  • Okinawa?
    Hi everyone, I'm considering going to Okinawa as part of my trip to Japan this summer. The thing is I don't really know much about what to expect. Is there a great nightlife? 'cause I know there's plenty to see during the day. However, after a whole month of travelling, I think I'm just gonna want ...

  • Okinawa - Japan
    Yep... it's actually one of the best places i've travelled to in Japan. If you're going to head down that way, check out one of the smaller islands... not the main island. The main island is great, but not nearly as beautiful as the smaller islands. You'll be amazed by the culture in okinawa... it ...

  • Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
    Is it worth visiting the Okinawa islands in Japan? Ill be travelling through Japan on my way through asia, and they look amazing... Are they easy (and most importantly) not too expensive to travel to and around? And are they worth it? Cos Ill be doing a lot of island time later on in the trip (Indonesia ...

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Okinawa Resort
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Okinawa Resort

415 Aza Zamami, Zamami Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa (Mapa) - Pensión
Nansei Sou

Nansei Sou

63,Zamami,Zamami-mura,Shimajiri-gun (Mapa) - Hostal