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Main Beach Fotos

The sun setting over the Gold Coast
Surfing on the Gold Coast
gold coast
gold coast
gold coast

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  • East Coast for 3 weeks - Main highlights?
    Hi there Im off to sydney on the 25 sep and travelling up the east coast to cairns over three weeks. Ive been reading the guidebooks and there seems so much to do. What would people say are the main highlights that i should definitely do cos probably wont be stopping at most of the towns, just ...

  • Nude Beaches
    I was wondering if there is a site that has a list of all the nude beaches in Australia. I will be visiting there soon, and I have never been to a nude beach, so I figure I might go to one since I doubt i ...

  • First Time to be in AU
    I'm heading to Australia in September. I have no idea where exactly I want to end up yet. The main thing that will influence where I end up is surfing. I want to live close to a beach where I can surf without a wetsuit. At the mo I live about an hour and a half drive from the beach and wear ...

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Surfers Paradise YHA @ Mainbeach

Surfers Paradise YHA @ Mainbeach

70 Seaworld Drive Mariners Cove, Surfers Paradise (Mapa) - Hotel