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  • Overland UAE to Paris
    I am an AUstralian planning to travel from Abu Dhabi to Paris by car in March 08, I am allowing up to 3 months to see as much as possible en route. I beiieve I can arrange a visa to transit Saudi and have never visited Israel. I would greatly appreciate any advice on the dangers and difficulties ...

  • Tunisian Visa Requirements for Layovers
    My husband is a tunisian passport older with an american greencard (permanent resident). If we fly from the US to Tunisia, can he exit the airport in places such as Paris, Rome or Amsterdam if we have a long layover but proof of a connecting flight through to Tunisia? ...

  • Flying to Mali
    FRANCE Adult Fare Rules Fri, May 12 11:50am Arrive - Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG) Nonstop Flight time: 7 hrs 0 min Connection Time: 5 hrs 0 min Fri, May 12 4:50pm Depart - Paris de ...

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