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Sigatoka Fotos

Sunset in Fiji
Garden of the Sleeping Giant
ground cover
Lily Pond
Taveuni Hill Fort
Taveuni Hill Fort

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Sigatoka Discusiones

  • Where to stay
    Bula, The Coral Coast is about 1 hr from Nadi, barring delays. We stayed at a nice place called the Crow's Nest ( A good value place, clean and organised, with an excellent restaurant. Only about 5 min taxi from Sigatoka Town. Enjoy Fiji Time. ...

  • Solo island hopping in S. Pacific
    . -Sigatoka River trek (2 days) hike. Down from central north, travelling southeast toward Suva. -Boat from ...

  • Fiji - what to do!
    You should try to go to a local village. When I was there I went on this tour I think it was called Sigatoka river safari and it was booked through the resort I was staying at which was the Shangrila Fijian resort on the Coral Coast. That went up the river in a jetboat past a lot of local ...

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Sigatoka Entradas en el blog

  • From Sigatoka to Suva
    an hour into this journey is a town called Sigatoka, a bit of a regional centre that serves the farmers up in the Sigatoka Valley ( I really should sort out a map......) Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend the time in Sigatoka that I wanted to, as I finally got dates, times and places from the people I am working ...
    Posted in Unemployed and homeless by Kerryn

  • Florifurous Fiji
    and snorkelled in the lagoon. Explored east in the afternoon, taking in views of the coasts, the Sigatoka river ...
    Posted in RTW 2 paradise by ledsmith

  • Fiji
    school and their dorms. I did everything from sandboarding the Sigatoka sand dunes to scuba diving ...
    Posted in Fiji by jasslover

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