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Petrol Station
Sunset on Koh Phangan

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  • Koh Phangan
    and then fly down to the south, we have booked 5 nights in Koh Phangan so that we can go to the full moon party ...

  • Koh Phangan
    Looking to head to Koh Phangan in either 6 or 10 weeks time (all depends on whether I have to work the full notice of 8 weeks due to my work!). At first the plan was to fly to Bangkok, but what with the floods I am thinking about flying straight to Koh Sumai. I take it the islands around there weren ...

  • Koh Phangan
    I'm off to Thailand in a couple of weeks. Ive been before but never to Ko Phangan. Can anyone recommend any decent and cheap accomodation on a nice beach there but not near the full moon parties? Also, I'll only have a 30 day visa. Are there cheap ways to get it renewed? ...

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