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  • Alojamiento económico en Narita City
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  • Where to stay in Okinawa and other japanese cities
    city, or okinawa city, or best to stay put in Naha city? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also ...

  • Please help in adjust my program
    for leaving Tokyo - Narita? 3. For Himeji, can i combine to travel with other city-- ex. kobe / oska 4. Should I stay overnight at Hakone 5. Any other city should I add in the program 6. And many days in Tokyo ...

  • japan 6 hours
    I wouldn't risk it either. I stayed overnight in Tokyo, in a hotel near Narita Airport, and my flight wasn't until 4pm the next day, but still I didn't step out of the hotel. One thing you have to reckon with is the traffic, which can be a killer and eat up your time. You'd just end up travelling more ...

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Backpackers Fuji
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Backpackers Fuji

668-2, Kamicho Narita, Chiba (Mapa) - Hostal
Narita Airport Hostel
85 %

Narita Airport Hostel

326-6 Takada Shibayama Sanmugun Chiba pref. (Mapa) - Hostal
International Guesthouse Azure
77 %

International Guesthouse Azure

Daiichi-Hosyo Bldg 3F, 2-6-7 Hiyoshidai, Tomisato-shi (Mapa) - Hostal