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  • Anyone here from Detroit???
    Will be on the esat coast of the States in Jun/Jul 06... have a burning desire to experience some real Detroit techno being played live in Detroit!! And experience all else that this place synonymous with launching exciting new styles of music has to offer... Rob ...

  • Best airport for elderly/ kids
    My wife and I are travelling cross country and have a choice of stop over in Detroit or Atlanta. We are taking a 5yr old, a 3 year old and an 89 year old wheelchair dependant Alzheimer's patient. Which airport is more conducive to this arrangement. Thanks. I just reread my post, and I know it sounds ...

  • List of friendliest and unfriendliest cities - CNN
    , New Jersey 8. Detroit 7. New Haven, Connecticut 6. Lome, Togo 5. Kuwait City 4. Luanda, Angola 3 ...

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  • Detroit
    Detroit war echt was besonderes... Es gab 3 Ereignisse die besonders erwähnenswert sind... Folgende situation: 19 jähriger Kerl fährt durch downtown detroit und die bremsen funktionieren nicht mehr ...
    Posted in USA Reise 2011 by Erik Supertramp

  • A Birthday Party & A Football Game
    Last weekend we travelled to Detroit...we celebrated Hannah's 1st Birthday with her grandparents, Uncle Sco & Aunt Kristi and Lily & Leah! We also got to go out for a little double date night with Sco ...
    Posted in The Preston's by JoannePreston

  • Welcome - Part 2 of the road trip
    We arrived in Chicago yesterday. On Saturday, we toured the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. There were some awesome exhibits there, including the actual bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat (I'll post a picture of Marina and Hayley siting the exact seat she sat in), the OscarMayer weiner ...
    Posted in Welcome - Part 2! by emmahatrip

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