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Mana Island Fotos

Sunset in Fiji
Garden of the Sleeping Giant
ground cover
Lily Pond
Taveuni Hill Fort
Taveuni Hill Fort

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Mana Island Discusiones

  • Where to stay in Fiji??
    be better staying in hostels on a couple of the islands and getting a ferry across instead? Could anyone suggest what islands are good to stay on and any cheap accomodation? Any Fiji advice people may have would ...

  • Nadi/Fiji or Rarotonga/Cook Islands?
    Hi folks, If given the choice of Nadi/Fiji or Rarotonga/Cook Islands, what would you recommend. We are planning to arrive around mid october 2007. Cheers ...

  • FIJI!!!
    My God man, you're going there also ! Well I've been there twice. Great destination. If you've got two weeks, spend a week on an Island, we loved Castaway Island, but Mana and Plantation are okay also. Don't know what your budget is but we paid the money the flew out with Turtle Airlines ...

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