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  • The cheapest and best seaside place to live 1 year
    I am thinking to move for 1 year to a seaside place which is very cheap to live. I don't have plan to travel around but to stay at the same place all the time. I am looking for a place: -I can have internet access (I need it for my job) -is seaside -and is very cheap to live (most important) I was thinking ...

  • I need a list of "Natural surroundings" and Types of places
    Hi everybody, I need a tiny favour. Please help me to fill the list about all possible choices for "Natural surroundings", "Types of places" and "Kind to offer" (means what is a person kind to offer if somebody visit his/her place). So far I have: "Types of places": Countryside, Seaside, Suburban, Urban ...

  • Icelandic Vacation
    " or go for a walk along the seaside. during my stay i could participate on several trips and i highly ...

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Economy Inn

Economy Inn

1131 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, California (Mapa) - Hotel