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  • Alojamiento económico en Dipolog
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  • taxi in the Philippines
    Hi, Does anybody have a rough idea about the price for a taxi for a whole day in de Dipolog region, or the Philippines in general? Thanks! ...

  • Sandakan - Zamboanga immigration
    . You can also bus from Zamboanga to Dipolog/Dapitan. The roads are fairly okay. have fun!. dana ...

  • philippines,
    Hi Jerseybean, Only certain parts of Mindanao has some insurgency problems. Cagayan de Oro is safe. I recommend going to Davao City, Agusan, Surigao, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Camiguin because of their nice beaches and I spent a ot of time there. But I am sure that there would be others just as nice ...

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